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Jun 22, 2012 10:06 AM

Chicago in September

Four Texans are heading to Chicago for a family wedding in early September. We are staying on
E. Walton, which I believe is in the Magnificent Mile area. We are up for anything, but are looking for things that Chicago is known for, which I think is Italian beef (?), pizza, hot dogs and Greek food (?). Dinner on Friday and Saturday are covered with the wedding. I believe the reception is at Spiaggia's. Looking for fun, laid back places. Also need a great brunch on Sunday before we hit the airport.

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  1. For pizza try the birthplace of chicago style pizza - Pizzeria Uno or its sister restaaurant Pizzeria Due - other choices are Lou Malnatis, Pizanos or Ginos East - or for stuffed pizza - Giordanos or Bacinos

    Other places that are uniquely chicago - any of the Rick Bayless restaurants -, Garretts Popcorn

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      Thanks! Right now I was thinking about Lou Malnatis on North Stae or Giordano's Rush, as well as Portillos. Looks like all of those are fairly close to us.

      1. re: JZHuckleberry

        All of those are good choices - if you are interested in greek head over to Greektown which is on Halstead -

    2. Sunday brunch . . .

      For stick to your ribs Southern goodness, try Table 52.

      For something lighter, try Perennial Virant.