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Mar 20, 2004 10:00 PM

Where to eat in Ramona

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I just spent last weekend in Borrego Springs and driving back on Sunday I stopped in for a meal in Ramona.

I have been driving by The Turkey Inn on Main Street for years which has a big turkey drumstick shaped sign in front and I always wondered if it really served turkey there.

Unfortunately for me The Turkey Inn turned out to be a bar.

Since I was hungry, I stopped at a place called Kountry Kitchen. They had a turkey dinner on the menu so naturally that's what I ordered especially since they told me they roast the turkey there.

I enjoyed my meal! The turkey was a nice mix of dark and white meat, real mashed potatoes, good bread dressing - not a bad turkey dinner.

Is there anywhere else good to eat in Ramona for the next time I am driving by and get hungry?

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  1. I've tried a place called D'Carlos for lunch and dinner. I think Prime Rib is their big specialty. Their sandwiches were good too.

    1347 Main St. Ramona, CA

    1. Mamma Rosa's is also good, if you are into Italian food.