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Jun 22, 2012 09:28 AM

Hell's Kitchen

Can anyone recommend a nice family friendly, reasonably priced place in the Hell's Kitchen area. Good food's important but we're flexible on the specific cuisine.

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  1. On the periphery of Hell's Kitchen you could try Marseille on 45th Street and 9th Avenue.

    1. Recently ate for brunch at Pier 9 a relatively new restaurant on 9th Ave. Really enjoyed it and quite reasonable.

      1. Although I like Marseille-- for my family with teenagers, I took them to the Eatery on 9th. They were very pleased, and the bill was significantly lower than Marseille would be. Putanesca (sp?) on 9th would be good for Italian.

        1. I like both Don Antonio for Naples style pizza on 50th and 8th and Nizza on 9th for italian/med food.