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Jun 22, 2012 09:10 AM

Lunch in Soledad or Gonzales

Hubby and I are venturing south for some wine tasting today without the baby for the first time since he was born.

Looking for some lunch options. The only posts that caught my eye were fairly old. Pacheco market and deli is on the list. Wondering what else might be suggested. Any kind of casual food is great, sandwiches, Mexican, pupusas, etc.



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  1. La Fuente on Oak Street in Soledad is kind of cute inside with rustic painted chairs - family friendly and basic Mexican offerings. It is an okay stop, but not one I go out of my way for. But both towns have some interesting historic downtown ambiance and are worth supporting a stop there,

    Soledad particularly has engaged in a very nice recent downtown face lift. And Gonzales was a routine overnight stop for those traveling up to SF from the south so it has some "big city" architectural elements that now see so out of place today as a dusty backwater town.

    Please report back what you find or just approach it as an interesting small town experience and expect to eat, rather than dine.

    1. The answer is...Pacheco's Deli and Market. A tiny little store front with handmade "Specials" signs out front, it has a huge grill inside. We got the 5 taco special ($5), bought 3 bottles of hot sauce, 2 Jaritos, a ceviche tostada, and an order of fresh griddle tortillas for $17.00.

      The meats and toppings were fresh and delicious. A must-try if you find yourself in the area.

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        Is Pacheco's in Soledad or Gonzales? Thanks.

      2. Anyone else really miss the Places feature with the map tacks?

        We all need toget back into the habit (seems so remedial these days) to include name address and website info when posting about a chowfind.

        Jeni, do you have this info?