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Jun 22, 2012 09:06 AM

Vacation Dining..

Summer is in full swing, loved to hear your you love that breakfast out at the patio or room service..lunch by the pool or dinner with cocktails.

Breakfast is always a wonderful thing to have prepared for you on vacation since I don't normally cook breakfast for myself unless on weekends/ getting the $$ credit which makes you feel like your getting something for free.
My favorite is at the Plantation House in Maui for their ahi benedict with wasabi hollandaise..

Pool bars are another thread but I could live in those big ass pools all day long with the waterfall bar..

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  1. My husband and I spend most of our vactions at our house in Croatia. Though we love to eat out (especially dinner), we usually make breakfasts at our house using fresh produce at the market and what we have foraged (i.e. wild mushrooms, herbs, fruits, nuts). We buy artisan cheese from a few miles away and prsut (like Italian prosciutto but better) from a neighbour, wine from our friends. Sometimes we also cook lunch but often eat lunch out.

    We also really enjoy cooking dinners at our Croatia house because there is such an abundance of wonderful stuff including the above but also fresh fish from the sea that is only a few km from our place. We have a wood-burning oven so our ideal vacation dining is cooking at home. The scenery is surreal - we are completely surrounded by forest and vineyards and olive groves; the atmosphere is lovely - our house is an old stone restored house; we listen to silence and the multitude of birds we do not have in Canada. A great dinner with fabulous wine while sitting outside in the midst of nature is my idea of paradise. Then we go for a walk by the sea. Just amazing and wonderful.

    When in other countries we enjoy eating out more in tiny villages with cobblestone streets or in the countryside at an agriturismo. Regardless, we eat outside whenever and wherever we can. No hotels for us - we stay in charming agriturismos, B&Bs (in the UK especially) or atmospheric villas.

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    1. Vacation for me is usually spent at a rented beach house. Standard cereal or toast for breakfast, but enjoyed out on the deck or porch listening to the waves. Lunch is sandwiches in the living room, followed by afternoon naps because we all spent the morning swimming in the ocean. Dinners are half dining out, half cooked at the house. The best vacation dinner I've ever had was spaghetti and meatballs cooked at the beach house, enjoyed over candle light, on a screened porch as the remnants of a tropical storm passed through. It was a family meal with three generations at the table, bundled up in blankets and laughing every time the rain sprayed through the screen.

      1. Room service in a great hotel is always a treat for us, usually breakfast but sometimes dinner depending on the circumstances. No matter how much planning we do or where we are, it seems like there are times when we just want to chill and enjoy luxurious surroundings with good music or a movie. Alone:)

        1. I was fortunate enough to receive a nice trip this past January @ The Four Seasons Resort on Maui. I can think of nothing better than the Breakfast offerings there. Traditional Eggs, Cereal, Fruits, Baked Goods, Kona Coffee and Fresh Squeezed Juices/Nectar.....all with a Hawaiian twist......I could never decide on one, so I had the Buffet every morning. The only deviation from that...was the Traditional Japanese Breakfast of Ahi Tuna. Absolutely Sensational.

          I'll have to try the Plantation House next time if I'm ever so lucky to go again.

          1. My daughter, who is 18, an I have gone car camping for our vacations over the last 13 years. I cook over the fire or on the Coleman stove. I freeze some meat in marinade for use over the first few days. We bring a can of the frozen lobster meat that comes with knuckles and claws and big chunks of tail meat and sauté that in butter and serve with fresh spinach one night. That is a feast! We eat too much, but wouldn't like the idea of eating left over seafood from an ice chest so what can we do? Haha. We have a big breakfast most days, homefries or pancakes, eggs, bacon or sausage and don't typically eat lunch. We do always have ramen and Kraft mac&cheese in case hunger strikes, but we seldom break into it. Often we will snack on trail mix or cheese & crackers mid day. The trail mix is especially nice while swinging in the hammock with a good book or while sitting on the sandy edge of the crystal clear mountain pond. Everything tastes delicious when we are coming. Just need to make sure no food is in the tent (or even toothpaste) or left out because of the black bears.