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Jun 22, 2012 07:30 AM

Please help me showcase cauliflower

We received a gorgeous head of snow white cauliflower from our CSA. I'd like to make it the star of dinner tomorrow---have you CHer's any suggestions?

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  1. I saw this recipe in Bon Appetit a couple of months ago and it looked delish, I haven't tried it yet but here it is. It calls for the cauliflower to be cut into slices and sauteed like a steak.

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      I did something like it for Cauliflower two ways. From the center I cut the "steaks" which were fried to golden goodness in olive oil. The rest of the cauliflower was combined with Yukon Gold potatoes, steamed and made into buttery, creamy mashed potatoes. The two on one plate, a great vegetarian main though you could certainly add all sorts of proteins.

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        I have not made this, but people on CH have recommended this cauliflower steak.

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          Thanks for the suggestion! I had come across a recipe for tuna confit that used a lot of the same flavors as called for in the recipe you cite. Unfortunately the "steaks" were not tender in the amount of time given. . .but otherwise the flavors were great! Thanks for the idea.

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            Or tossed on the grill like a steak. Comes out delish

          2. I actually like juli's idea a lot! But, since I made it this week and really liked it--roasted cauliflower with hot sausage (1#) , garlic (2 cloves) and oil, tossed with pasta (1#). Save a ladle's worth of pasta water to add back to the pasta when you put it all together. Extra crushed red pepper and pecorino Romano over the top makes it nice-nice. Reheats beautifully, too.

            1. I core and parboil then drain and put it on a baking dish. Frost generously with a mixture of mayo and mustard and bake at 350 until tender and golden. You can jazz this up with parmesan.

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                That's a cousin of the classic cauliflowwer a la sauce Mornay which I make with anchovies places across the top while baking. It is not really good food becuase it's;s 1950''s know how it is. We want exciting. I am so tired of the Parthenon, too....drab building, nothing interesting. And Paris is boring too, come to think of it. Classics, indeed!

              2. Make a pureed roasted cauliflower soup, paired with a pureed roasted cauliflower (a la mashed potatoes), and serve all it with a pasta dish using cauliflower like this

                1. Rich and wonderful pasta with spicy cauliflower ragu: