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Jun 22, 2012 06:52 AM

Pollen St/The Square or where else in London for dinner?

Hi all,

I am looking for a place to eat a celebratory meal for two at the start of July (yes I left it a bit late, have kicked myself up the rear having failed to get a booking for French Laundry when on holiday).

I have seen little about PSS recently and was wondering what the thoughts on it were, is it still firing? I missed Jason at Maze and always regretted it and am keen to try his food. Am interested in The Square, so that is probably top of my list, but wasn't sure if anywhere else I should be aware of doing similar food (ie I think something quite 'fine' would be nice for such a meal)?

I have tried a fair few of the big hitters for lunch, so could look at upping my budget and going ALC/Tasting instead, or there may be something coming out of leftfield

Looked at Dinner, fully booked for any date/time I can do, I need to get back to Winchester on train so can't eat too late

thanks for any thoughts

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  1. Wouldn't mind an update on PSS. My experiences there fell into the nothing special category -- great technique, but dishes that were oversalted or not cohesive.

    Have you considered Koffman's? I would also seriously think about Trinity -- well priced wines with very little markup, and superb honest modern food that is not precious. A recent all British food and wine pairing was an outstanding experience (bonus -- bargain price as well: £90 for 7 courses and 6 wines).