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Jun 22, 2012 06:18 AM

Tasting menu in Bath

Menu Gordon Jones is a fairly extraordinary little restaurant in the Bear Flat area of Bath. Just four tables within chatting distance of the tiny kitchen where Gordon Jones, a young Scot, turns out six-course tasting menus for £40. He uses local, well-sourced ingredients and the cooking is assured and unusual. Some of the highlights were a starter of rabbit rillettes and perfect asparagus with a scrambled pheasants egg in the shell. A sweetcorn sorbet had an intriguing taste. The chef's take on roast chicken dinner included new season garlic, a carrot which though infantine actually tasted of carrot and a garlicky, chickeny mash.

The food looks pretty too.

My only criticism would be slightly too many ingredients per dish,but the flavours are well chosen. All in all it's a very un-poncey and delightful experience.

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  1. We went there last night and were delighted.

    He does pack a lot of flavors into each dish but he is taking risks and sometimes they really pay off. The mutton on a bed of beetroot/cheese risotto was just delicious. So was the grouse in its mix of mustards and blueberries and about five or six other flavors. The chocolate souffle was perfect.

    There is also an accompanying wine flight which I chose. The wines seem carefully chosen but they weren't particularly to my taste. A Hungarian blend, a California Zinfandel are the two I recall.

    The restaurant is on a busy street corner. The view out the window is of large city buses going by. Despite that, it feels quiet and intimate inside.

    Definitely recommend this. We plan to return.