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Jun 22, 2012 05:43 AM

Yellowstone area recommendations

Hello Western States Foodies! My husband and I are heading to the Yellowstone area in July for a weekend. We are staying outside of Bozeman in MT, but will be heading into Yellowstone and don't mind a drive for a good hike followed up with good food. So I am looking for recommendations--either in/around the Bozeman-Gallatin area or elsewhere around Yellowstone in Wyoming. We are open to all kinds--high end, small spots or diners, sandwiches--anything! Thanks!

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  1. Google "Campfire Lodge Resort" have breakfast, the dining room is small but sits right on the river and is beautiful. It's a basic breakfast, huge pancakes. After breakfast drive to the end of Ghost Village Road then walk down to Beaver Creek. That upper section of Quake lake can hold great bird life, moose and once in a while "the bear." It's a gem. Google Maps shows the roads well.

    How far out of Bozeman are you staying?

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      That sounds great! We are going to be about 45 minutes from Bozeman to the south, towards Yellowstone.