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Jun 22, 2012 04:11 AM

Recommendation for Chinatown restaurant for 10 people?

Hi, a big group of relatives are coming to Boston this weekend. Can you recommend a good Chinatown restaurant where we can have family-style meal? I haven't been to Chinatown recently, so I'd appreciate recommendations on where to eat and what to order. Thank you in advance!

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  1. A little bit more information would help, what region are you looking for? Sichuan, Taiwanese? Cantonese? Dim Sum? search the board for any of these and I'm sure you will find some recs. Also some of the places in C-town, could use a remake for rugs and bathrooms so let people know if that is one of your concerns. If you are looking for seafood tank type, New Golden Gate, New Jumbo, Peach farm. Most places should be able fit a group of 10, but call and make a reservation if possible or go off peak times.

    1. Like lc02139 says, it depends on what kind of food you're looking for. Most places in Chinatown have tables for 10 people, though not all take reservations. I've had a successful meal for 10 at Dumpling Cafe, and they were able to reserve a table for me there.

      You could also try China King for Peking duck:

      Dave MP

      1. One suggestion I would make is East Ocean City if you enjoy seafood. If you can afford it I would suggest their Giant Alaskan King Crab as a center piece dish. It's a large live King Crab flash fried and then tossed with sea salt and chilli powder. It is expensive but excellent. I also like any of their steamed fish, clams with black bean sauce and the large geoduck clam if they have it. The Geoduck is served in two courses, first as sashimi and then deep fried. They also do any of the standard Chinese lobster dishes.

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          Most Chinese restaurants in Chinatown would also have set group menus for 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10 people. These are typically printed entirely in Chinese, but they offer you a well-rounded family style meal you don't have to agonize over. You can try discussing them with a waiter. A typical menu might look like this:

          Seafood Soup
          Seafood Stirfry in taro "bird's nest"
          Salt & Pepper pork chops
          Crispy chicken with shrimp chips
          Lobster with Ginger & Scallions
          Whole steamed fish
          Fried Rice
          E-Fu braised noodles

          Any Chinese restaurant large enough to accommodate a 10-person party should be able to offer you a group menu somewhat similar to this. You might order an 8 person menu and add a few dishes you particularly want.

          In addition to the restaurants already mentioned above (New Golden Gate, East Ocean City, Peach Farm, New Jumbo) which are great, Pearl Villa (I think renamed Gigi) is a family favorite.