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Jun 22, 2012 12:49 AM

Expo Line Eats

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  1. Thanks for that, CW. Here is a link to the actual blog that has the complete list of places found off of the new Expo Line: One of places listed is Earlez Grille (which is famed for their grilled dogs - chile cheese, et al.) and I first recall seeing here on the LA board as Jack on Crack's favorite dog place in all of L.A. Maybe riding the new Expo Line will finally get me off the dime and down to Earlez for a couple of dogs at long last...

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    1. re: Servorg

      You might have to hurry. I've read that Earlez is slated to be torn down to make way for an Expo Line parking lot. It's also the last of the former Lone Ranger Family Restaurant buildings still standing.

      1. re: JThur01

        Oh, crap! Los Angeles, where the old makes way for the developers off shore accounts...

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          I was at Earlez last night. Nice, accomodating people there. My wife and I typically share a chili dog, pastrami sandwich, and extra crispy fries. The Pastrami is lightly grilled, on a bun; not as good (or traditional) as Langer's, but good.
          The gal at the register said that the move didn't have a sure date.
          I like Earlez and hope they don't move far. I live up in the Dons and it's slim pickins for food. That said the Expo line would benefit from having some parking at every stop.