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Jun 22, 2012 12:39 AM

Reservations at Gion Sasaki in Kyoto

It is unbelievably difficult to get a reservation at Gion Sasaki in Kyoto.

A: Me
B: Host

A: Hello. I'd like to make a reservation in July.
B: Ofcourse. What day would you like to come in?
A: Do you have seating Thursday?
B: Sumimasen. No seats available that day.
A: How about Wednesday?
B: I'm sorry, all seats are taken that day as well.
A: Umm... when do you have seats that week?
B: There are no seats available the whole week.
A: So when is your next availability?
B: Next year.
A: ...

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  1. I'm doing something that may wreck the space time continuum... "cross-boarding"... But I recently tried to get a reservation at l'Astrance in Paris, and the conversation went pretty much exactly the same (except the "Sumimasen" became a "Je suis vraiment désolé")...

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    1. re: Rio Yeti

      The person over the phone really knows how to get your hopes up.

    2. Failing that, have you considered Isshin, a beef restaurant?

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      1. re: CWFOODIE

        I've read about it. But, already planning to visit Kobe for beef, I decided not to go.

      2. So is the only way to make a reservation by phone?