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Jun 21, 2012 11:17 PM

Villedieu switcheroo?

I've been seeing this in some cookware:

Serie Speciale Villedieu

Is this a different sub class, or what?


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  1. Damn I thought this was in an already established thread.

    Well, now we have the gazzilionth+1 thread--a __very__ narrow one, on copper cookware.


    1. Hi, Rob:

      Villedieu les Poêles is a *place*, a small city in Normandy, one where there have been many coppersmiths for a very long time. Mauviel is still there, as are some small artisans. So a mark of Villedieu simply conveys it was made there, and "Serie Speciale Villedieu" is not unlike a badge on a car that reads "Special Detroit Series". My surmise is that you have found what professes to be a commemorative series, maker unknown.