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Jun 21, 2012 10:32 PM

Vienna, Prague, Stockolm, Oslo, Where to eat?

Hey everyone so I'm taking a trip this summer around Europe to the cities listed above and I was wondering what best places to eat are. I don't have a lot of time in each city so I'm looking mainly to experience the cuisine of each country. (Austrian in Austria, Czech in Prague, and so on.)

Within reason price is not a huge issue ($80 for dinner would be the cap, unless something is truly worth splurging). Modern spins on local cuisine are also welcome. Dinning party will be small (either solo dinning or with a single partner).

(Also, are there any particular dishes I should seek out in each city?)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. In Stockholm Franzen Lindborg is one of the best restaurants in the world where I have recently eaten, but you need to be prepared to splurge, and they will reward you. The amuse-bouche included a carrot macaroon sandwiched together with foie gras cream. A fine de claire oyster came topped with frozen chopped rhubarb, an inspired contrast. A raw salad consisted of a dozen or so unlikely vegetables (an al dente turnip will only get you so far), and the melted butter dressing imparted an oily mouth-feel. Butter was churned at the table, to spread on the amazing just-baked bread and sprinkled with Swedish sea salt. A scallop was served two ways: roasted in the shell, then dashi poured into the hot shell, and tartare with lime zest. The courses went on and on, ending with a hybiscus and rose-flower dessert with highly perfumed raspberries. At the end, what remained in the bowl was a lone purple pansy petal. When I asked if I could take what remained of our bread loaf, our waiter, horrified, ran to the kitchen, where they baked a fresh loaf and instructed us how the hotel should cut it for proper toasting the following morning. At a gentler price point Ulla Winbladh Inn wins all round for the setting and incomparable Swedish specialties, served with charm and generosity. Mathias Dahlgren's Mat Bar in the Grand Hotel was expensive and underwhelming.

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    1. re: chicfille

      That sounds fantastic, I'll have to see if I can get to one of those while I'm in Stockholm. Thank You!

      1. re: chicfille

        Ok new tentative plan is as follows:

        -Restaurant Eik

        -Ulla Winbladh Inn


        -Holy Moly Restaurant
        -Restaurant Sperl

        I think as far as nicer meals go that will be my plan, I could still use some recommendations for cheaper meals/ self-catering in all of the above (I know about the Markets in Vienna, but other than that is there anything more street-side I should experience on my trip?)

        Also does anyone know of good lighter fare in Prague and Vienna? I want to try the local cuisine but from what I hear it is very heavy and I'll probably need a break.

        1. re: OrigamiDuck

          Regardings you plans for Vienna: this city is a real heaven for chowhounds, there is so much you could try ! If you want to sample Austrian cuisine at its best I would definitely also consider Freyenstein or Gasthaus Wolf. Both are inexpensive, similar to Restaurant Sperl, but offer a more refined and more inventive kind of cuisine (if you are the adventurous type !). Freyenstein has a fixed eight-courses tasting menu with very traditional products, served with wild herbs and seasonal vegetables. Wolf is our "head to tail" specialist, where you can learn to love "Beuschl" ( stew of lung and heart)....
          Reservation a must in both places.

          1. re: Sturmi

            Thank You! Would you recommend Freyenstein over Holy Moly if I'm only able to get one in? (I'm staying with a friend who isn't the biggest foodie so I'm not sure Wolf is the best idea.)

            EDIT: Unfortunately Freyenstein is closed while I'm in Vienna. =( I'm really not having much luck...

            1. re: OrigamiDuck

              Holy Moly is an excellent choice !
              Enjoy your meal !

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            Slight complication in Oslo... I've just discovered my dinning partner does not eat any kind of seafood! Can anyone advise a place with land-based options as well?

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              Sansho is an asian fusion restaurant? It might be good but on such a short visit to Prague I wouldn't bother. Better off maybe trying to get a seat at U Zlateho Tygra and eating and drinking there.

              Czech food isn't light necessarily but there are surprises. Get the Prague ham and horseradish cream at Lokal for something very surprising.

          3. After doing some further reading here is my itinerary so far:

            Oslo: ?

            -Franzen Lindborg
            -Ulla Winbladh Inn


            Vienna: ?

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              l am a big fan of Degustation in Prague, one of best meals in last 5 years. Yes way over your budget, but half what it would cost in Paris, NY, or Tokyo.

              They have a fixed menu that is a modern slant on Czech cuisine, it was a true WOW, with their Czech wine pairing it was even better.

              1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                I looked at that restaurant, and was ready to make a reservation. Unfortunately they are closed for vacation while I'm in Prague. As is Maaemo in Oslo.

                I guess I picked the wrong time to travel from a Gastronomic perspective.

                1. re: OrigamiDuck

                  I LOVED Lokal!

                  As for Vienna...they're very in-tuned with although the very famous Austrian dishes are heavy, you'll be able to find wonderful lighter dishes for summertime.

                  Please eat anything involving pumpkin seeds or pumpkin seed oil.

                  My favorite traditional food I had when a Viennese was at Bierfink--they also have a sister restaurant called Schutzhaus Zukunft. Both are not really near the city center. My Viennese friend took me there - her family have been regulars there since way before she was even born. Seemed everyone has grown up with each other there - it was a nice vibe. Their pumpkin soup was my favorite of all the bowls I'd tried (I love Austrian pumpkin soup, obvs) - not sure if it's on offer in the summer.

                  Don't leave without trying a Käse Kreiner - sausage stuffed with cheese...sounds decadent, but it's wonderful. Get it at a street stand, or try the creative sausage joint: Xpedit.

                  In addition to strudel, my other favorite sweet is Kaiserschmarrn - it can get sweet but when it's done well it's awesome. I wish I could remember the name of this cafe where it was perfect (they added mandarin oranges to it) - it's on a posh shopping boulevard near the high end boutiques. It shares a space with a performance arts space and has a second story and a sidewalk terrace. hope you find it!