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Jun 21, 2012 07:36 PM

Parents night out - dinner suggestions for Highland Village, Lewisville, Grapevine & Denton vicinity

Finally, my husband and I are joining another couple (also parents of small children) out for a night on the town. We'd like to have a nice, tasty dinner with drinks (perhaps at two different venues). Any cuisine other than sushi and pizza is fine. Bonus points for not seeing a kids menu anywhere.

Help us try something other than our proven regional go-tos (Tierneys, Grotto, Don Camillo).
Price-wise, anything but really expensive is fine.

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  1. How about Mt Fuji Hibachi Steakhouse in Highland Village. Be sure to try the hibachi calimari steak (if you like teriyaki, have it grilled with teriyaki sauce, and don't let them let it sit on the grill getting tough--it can practically melt in your mouth if grilled properly). You should be able to get both good food and drinks there ...

    1. Hannah's Off the Square in Denton. Great cocktail list and wine list. Small plate options in the bar, Full menu in the dining room. Hickory Street Lounge is within walking distance for another cocktail destination. Paschall's is above Andy's, also within walking distance (small hipster scene focusing on classic cocktails and craft beers.) Good luck!

      1. Denton Only:
        Keiichi in Denton would be nice for Italian dishes or sushi. I have only had sushi but I have heard the Italian dishes are pretty top notch and it is different from Salernos/Grotto.

        The Green House does has a kids menu but I rarely see kids after dark. It has a pretty diverse menu and can even accomodate vegetarians. The menu is not overpriced either, which I think might be the case in Hannah's.

        Andaman is great for Thai if everyone cares for that and there are bars/live music venues in the area.

        I am not wooed by Hannah's for the time they have on their hands and the quality of ingredients close by they could really knock their dishes out of the park. I just have yet to have one of those. The menu is rather small, boring and kinda pricey for Denton. I have not had their tapas and their beer selection is minimal.

        If everyone loves beer I would suggest Oak Street Drafthouse in Denton. All pints are $4 and the craft selection is getting noticed by people in the depths of Dallas. Solid rotating tap list....if you don't know what it tastes like ask for a taste.

        I am sure Roosters has a kids menu but I enjoyed their guilty fried foods, BBQ and burgers. It is not the best in the world but is it consistent and tasty. Not many kids after 8 pm or so.

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          I second Andaman for the food and cozy atmosphere...then take a stroll on the square and head to Greenhouse for drinks.

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            I agree that Hannah's is overpriced and think the food is fairly mediocre. They've been around a while and it surprises me. Rooster's is great for fried indulgence! The photos of their burger-within-a-grilled-cheese-sandwich ... Oh my. I've never seen anyone order one, though.