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Jun 21, 2012 07:06 PM

Where can I buy live goats?

A friend from work is looking to buy 2 live young goats to later slaughter and eat.I've never really heard of anyone doing this but he tells me it's customary where he comes from(Philippines).I'm assuming he could get them from a place that sells livestock to farmers I just don't know of any.

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  1. As far as I know, it would be illegal to slaughter your own animals outside of regulated sites (i.e. permits, health and hygiene regulations, .... )

    You might have to ask any of the halal or kosher butcher shop in town to see how they deal with ritual animal slauthering (shechita (Jewish) or dhabihah (Muslim) )

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      I really don't know about such laws, but I assume if for personal consumption, it would be legal. It would be another matter If you are selling or cooking the meat to the public.

      However cave de consilio....

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        Reminds me of a story an old timer told me (he has since passed).
        He worked at a popular restaurant for many years. Way back when, likely the 50's, the restaurant owner wanted to slaughter a calf himself (the way the story was told, he did it not just for the satisfaction of doing it yourself, but apparently he was a cheap guy...) so thay picked one up and put it on the restaurant premises. It was in a kind of dry-storage area at the back, with a couple of garage doors as the service entrance.
        So heres the calf, tied up, and heres the owner, sharpening his knives. Lo and behold, the health inspector shows up and flips out (talk about timing). Just having the beast in the back room was enough for him to condemn everything back there. He immediately took several bottles of bleach and poured it onto all the dry goods; spices, sugar, packaging, dry foodstuffs, everything.
        The owner almost came to tears seeing the cost of his lack of judgement.

        Come to think of it, I never found out what happened to the calf.

      2. Rice's Farm in Kahnawake is quite close by
        its, ahhh, somewhat rustic, but they do carry live animals. Halal style slaughter is popular here.
        A bit more upscale but more of a ride is

        Abattoir Clément Poissant
        182A rang St André, Saint-Philippe, QC 450-659-3630

        I purchased both live and pre-slaughtered hogs here. I believe they have goats as well.

        I'd suggest calling ahead wherever you choose and explain what you want.

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        1. re: porker

          Hi, I'm writing an article about halal meat and I would like to talk to a constumer who have already bought meat from Rice's farm. Would you like to answer one or two questions? (like : Did you bought meat for individual or to sell it back? Do you know other buyers? Do they buy meat from Rice's farm to eat it or to sell it?)

          1. re: audreyetienne

            Hi audreyetienne, welcome to CH. To answer your questions, I never made a purchase at Rice's, I don't know any buyers, and I don't know what the buyers do with their purchases (thats 3 questions, I think).
            Perhaps stop in and speak to the buyers themselves - nothing compares to firsthand accounts for an article, no?

            1. re: porker

              I went there, of course, but it's a bit more complicated. How come you've written that it's aaah, rustic, and you never went there? Where have you heard about Rice's farm? Just wanna know.. :)

              1. re: audreyetienne

                I never said I did not go there....I've been there plenty of times. If you were there, you know why I wrote that its "rustic". Actually, I don't know if I ever "heard" about it so much, but I see it plenty often. And its not that complicated - stop in, buy a chicken and talk to folks. What brings you to Chowhound?

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Abattoir Zampini Armando 1425, rang de l'Achigan N, L'Epiphanie, QC J5X 3L5

            Phone: 450-588-3439


            I bought Goats and chicken there. Extremely clean and very quick service. You go there to choose the goat, chicken, or cattles and they will slaughter it and slice it as per your liking. very quick service and reasonable price.

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              Can u bring it home & slaughter it yourself? I only ask as this seems what the OP is looking for.


              If you want it alive, then you have to go to the live stock auction. This is where farmers buy their animals.
              I found one near Montreal, you can go there and see.