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Jun 21, 2012 06:33 PM

Le Petit Celdadon for Sunday lunch?

Has anyone tried the the 58E weekend lunch menu at Le Petit Celdadon (in the Hotel Westminster) recently? There were some posts about this a few years ago, but I haven't found anything more recent. It sounds appealing and somewhat like the late, lamented La Table de Robuchon, which I thought was one of the best lunch values (and best meals) I had during a trip to Paris a few years ago. Especially would like to know if it's a good "starter" introduction to something approaching haute cuisine for my two traveling and dining companions, who are eager to have that experience but can't afford the really top places, and for whom a more relaxed atmosphere is likely to be more comfortable than ultra luxe.

Of course, if anyone can suggest other places open for lunch on the weekend that would be a good approximation of La Table de Robuchon, I would be grateful! We'll be in Paris for only 4 full days -- Friday to Monday, and I am the designated food curator. Places I am thinking of for the other days include Septime, La Table D'Eugene, Neva, L'Office, Tintilou, Dans les Landes and Bistro Volnay -- still working on narrowing down the long list -- but I would also really like to include something classic and classy in the mix.

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  1. Good choice, and I believe that the 59 euro prix-fixe menu is also avaiable in the evening. It is basically the same menu always available in the bar area. The homard dish is great. For a weekend lunch we also like Goumard, on rue Duphot.

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      Thanks, Oakglen - and please forgive the typo in the name of the restaurant: it is Le Petit Celadon, not Celdadon (should anyone do a search in the future.)

    2. I 've been to dinner at Le Petit Celadon and sadly thought it expensive and ordinary. On Sunday, Le Vaudeville is more my choice. It's so beautiful in a 30's deco way and the food is quite tasty,especially for a weekend meal. Neva and Bistro Volnay - thumbs up to both. i' ve eaten in both several times and never had a bad meal.