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Jun 21, 2012 05:46 PM

Planning a trip - mid August.

Hi all!

I'm visiting Boston from the first time in mid-August and staying near at the Hilton near the convention center for a total of five days (Thursday-Tuesday). I am coming from Chicago. I will have no car, but am fine with cabs, public transit, and wandering around on foot assuming it's reasonably easy to figure out.

I'm basically looking for suggestions from across the board - the sole restriction is relative ease of getting there from the area. Solid ethnic one day, chowder another, multi course fine dining another, a gastropub the next - I'm game for anything, no real budget restrictions assuming there's a variety, and not the five most expensive places in Boston suggested.

Small plates and and interesting cocktails would be welcome as well. Something unique and unavailable in Chicago is preferred (for example, I see no reason to visit a steakhouse unless something is exceptional).

I prefer, but do not require, bar type seating for lunch as I'll be doing most of those alone, but dinners will be with people.

Right now, the only thing I have my eye on is a meal at Top of the Pub and probably a stop at Cheers just to do it.


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  1. I suggest a drink or two at the Top of the Hub; the food is not good. Be sure to go to the Cheers/Bullfinch Pub on Beacon St., not at Quincy Market.

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    1. re: KevinJF

      Or skip both of these tourist traps (It's a trap!).

        1. re: Bob Dobalina

          Listen to Bob. Not worth the time or money. Get a drink at Top of the Hub for the view, but don't eat there. I can pretty much guarantee Cheers will be a let down. Strictly tourists, and it looks nothing like it did on TV.

          1. re: purple bot

            Thanks - I guess Top of the Hub is Boston's equivalent of Chicago's Signature Room (top floor of Hancock Building) - good for a drink and the view, but not much else. Thanks for the tips! A bit of research seems to suggest Neptune is worth a stop as well as Craigie on Main.

            1. re: chris

              Definitely "yes" to both Neptune and Cragie!

      1. Take the B-Green Line to Allston (or walk if it's nice) and check out the 88 Food Court. They have Chinese, Korean, Indian, Vietnamese - Pho Viet is a personal favorite. Then walk over to Clear Flour Bakery and/or Japonaise Bakery for some pastries. Or reverse that and hit Clear Flour first thing for a chocolate croissant that's still warm from the oven.


        1. Also, here's a link to the free Street Food Boston app