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Jun 21, 2012 05:41 PM

Napa/Sonoma Restaurant Question

My husband and I are traveling to the Sonoma area in a few weeks for our anniversary. We have been there 2X before and part of our draw to the area (the wien of course) is the amazing food. The last time we were there we went to Cyrus and had an unbelievable experience, but it was when they were more flexible with their menu choices. We have a reservation there for our upcoming trip, but trying to decide if we should give Terra or Farmhouse Inn a shot for our "1" special dinner....

Any input would be greatly appreciated as we have not been to Terra or Farmhouse before.

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  1. Hi.......haven't been to Terra or Farmhouse, but I can recommend Barndiva in Healdsburg and Redd in Yountville. Barndiva is on a bit of a roll lately with a relatively new chef. Redd in Yountville is a Michelin one star with a stellar reputation. Of the two, Redd would be the fancier restaurant. I am recommending them to you because I have eaten at both recently. Barndiva was very good, and Redd was outstanding. I am still remembering the quail I had as a main course at Redd. It was a special that night, and it was indeed special. Good luck on your anniversary.

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      Thanks for the advice. We have been to Redd before and are planning on returning although could not secure a reservation, so will try and sit at the bar. Have you heard anything about Cyrus recently?

      1. re: lborr530

        I was at Cyrus last week and it was excellent. And the menu seems pretty flexible to me. Most courses have two options and you're free to sub in anything from the vegetarian menu. It was a great night.

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          +1, while I haven't been to Cyrus in 2 or 3 years, everyone says it hasn't missed a beat, still stellar.

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