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Jun 21, 2012 05:19 PM

Raw oysters on the eastern CT coast?

Looking for an oyster bar or shack in the Essex, Old Saybrook, Westbrook, Clinton area the has good raw oysters for less then the $2.50 each I find at Liv's and other places. I have just moved here from the deep south and my budget is sagging under the strain of my desire to put away a dozen or two. Dive bars welcomed!

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  1. Hey ptmacp,
    Good luck on that score! Even do it yourself from Atlantic is a buck and a 1/2 each. Max Fish in Glastonbury does a 1/2 price happy hour during the week, and boy is it worth the drive.


    1. If they are still offering it Liv's had a Wednesday night special oysters $1.00 each.

      In any event you cannot beat Liv's for selection and freshaness. I was there this evening and the oysters were outstanding.

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      1. re: jdgall

        I was at Liv's last night and our table was raving, but sadly I also heard the Wednesday deal is over.

      2. If you get to West Haven, Oyster River Tavern has them for $16/dozen

        1. I agree that it is great to find dollar oysters and happy hour oyster prices. It is tough to pay $3 for oysters at bar/restaurants. My solution was to buy a good oyster knife and buy fresh oysters at a reputable fish market. By law they are all tagged and ask to see harvest dates. You will be able to experiment eating different kinds not just the blue points that you generally see in off the shore areas. A good read is Shucked, Life on a New England Oyster Farm. It really opened my eyes to the difficult but very rewarding work it takes to bring oysters to market and life on the Island Creek Oyster Farm in Duxbury. Great job Erin!! There are many other good books out there and remember oysters are like snowflakes. Happy shucking!!

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          1. re: sakeandgin

            I just got a newsletter e-mail from Liv's, $1 oysters again 4-7 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.