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Jun 21, 2012 05:10 PM

Delicious foie gras in the S. Bay area, Peninsula, or E. Bay area?

Want to enjoy some foie before the ban starts. Would prefer restaurants in the above mentioned areas but will go into SF for something exceptional. I'm open to all cuisines but especially enjoy French, or contemporary American preparations. TIA.

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  1. I would check with Manresa first. Another place would be Chez TJ. I know for a fact, that the Village Pub (great food by the way if you haven't been) in Woodside is having a foie gras tasting menu.

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      Chantilly in Menlo Park has a kiiler foes gras appetizer
      DH even had some and he doesn't usually eat anything that was an organ....

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        Manresa served up a "molten foie gras cube" as an amuse when I went. About the size of a bullion cube dusted with something. They handed them out like candy and you just popped in your mouth. Usual presentation and delivery but very clever and tasty.

      2. Village Pub's special farewell to foie dinners....