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Jun 21, 2012 03:53 PM

Canned Cooked Lobster Meat

For years I bought small cans (120gr) of cooked lobster from the Magdalen Islands in Quebec but the supplier is gone. Does anyone know where I can buy canned lobster (not frozen) in the Toronto Area or have a line on a supplier where I could perhaps buy a couple of dozen cans to put away?

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  1. The only canned lobster I know of is at Costco. I think it is frozen though. I've used it and it was good. Obviously not as good as fresh.


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      Bill's Lobster at Gerrard and Broadview has it. I've used it a few times for seafood casserole and it was fine. His is also frozen.

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        There might be a safety issue here, requiring canned lobster to be frozen. Years ago I was sent a can from the east coast, and it arrived at room temperature; it made me sick after a thermidor preparation. Of course the can said, 'keep frozen'.

      2. I haven't seen those packs since I lived in Montreal decades ago. I remember they were pasteurized and had a clear plastic cap.

        All the local Loblaws and Superstores sell the frozen lobster in 14 oz. cans but it's just knuckles and claws these days. The tails are sold IQF also at Loblaws, Metro, Sobeys, etc.

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              OK I prefer recently cooked. And if not I like lobster paste--usually hard to find.

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                IQF and quick frozen aren't exclusive. You can cook and then IQF. A lot of shrimp come that way. Just thaw and serve.

                Ya it's not better but for things like shrimp that deteriorate quickly IQF is the way to go.


        1. Yeah, lobster is relatively cheap and widely available, so I just pop into Longo's or one of the asian supermarkets and have whatever size lobster I desire steamed on the spot for me.

          Tip - if your meal prep involves additional cooking of the lobster, like a lobster stew / bisque or a sauté in butter for lobster rolls or lobster pasta, ask them to "lightly steam" it (like 7-10 minutes instead of 15-20, depending on size) and it will be better after your final prep. :-)

          1. I have only seen the frozen, which I get a Seafood Depot.

            1. what you are looking for is "hot pack lobster", you may have to really ask around for it since it is not to common here or you could try ordering a case or 2 from the Acadian Fishermans Co-Op in PEI.


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                  you are very welcome.. let us know how it goes if you get a chance.

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                    thanks again to all the posters...I contacted Youdonut's lead. They responded but do not have any hot pack at the moment. Told me to try again in August. I do recall it is a seasonal thing. In the meantime, will keep searching (and make a stop at Bill's).