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Jun 21, 2012 03:01 PM

Who eats low cal low fat??

Are there any good recipes on here for that?? Or do any of you have any good recipes to share??

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  1. a pretty vague request but here are a few ideas...

    fish en papillote -- tilapia, sole, etc. seasoned (i often do blackening seasoning) laid on a bed of onions, lemon slices, fresh herbs; spray lightly with pam, wrap and broil or bake

    egg white omelettes with any number of veggies, seasonings, herbs, etc.
    or egg white frittatas using almond milk (unsweetened is like 40 cal per cup)
    egg white salad -- use a low fat mayo or sub a vinaigrette that's heavy on vinegar light on oil

    grilled or roasted vegetables tossed with balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper first; spray baking sheet or grill tray with non-stick spray

    veggie "flatbread" - steam your favorite veggies along with some onion and roasted garlic -- puree with salt and pepper, some egg whites and a little vegetable broth. spread thinly on sheet pan on parchment paper (lined over aluminum foil); bake at 300 or 325 F til it cooks through and starts to brown. it's almost like a flatbread.

    oatmeal pancakes -- rolled oats, egg whites, a little almond milk, sweetener of choice (i often use truvia, but use agave or maple or whatever you prefer), vanilla, maybe a little cinnamon. cook in a non-stick spray sprayed pan. serve with fruit or some low sugar preserves.

    ratatouille -- i don't really use oil in mine. serve with some rotisserie chicken breast or tofu or egg whites or feta...

    veggie stackers -- slice eggplant thinly the long way. dip in egg whites, then in a little mixture of cornmeal, italian herbs, salt, pepper, and maybe a bit of parmesan or nutritional yeast. repeat with zucchini, tomato and whatever else you like. stack the veggies up and bake....

    perhaps you can define some parameters of taste...

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    1. is my go to site for tasty low fat/low cal recipes.

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        1. New recipe for low/fat low cal individual pizzas, I came up with this a few weeks ago and have had them a few times now, even the non-dieting BF loves em!! lol The diet pizzas online are way too pricy, don't come with toppings and you have to buy a shit load just to order them.

          Pre-heat oven or toaster oven on broil.

          What I do is take those round bread sandwich thins, white (made with whole grains and have fiber, very good for ya lol)..only 1 g fat and 100 cals each. Arnold and Pepperidge makes em far as I know. I don't separate them into halves, I keep the halves together.

          I put on tomato sauce on top, about a tablespoon or 2; (1/2 cup has 110 cals, 1 g fat, there may be other types of sauce out there that are lower in cals, if anyone knows of any that's not crazy expensive, plz let us know), I use publix (supermarket brand) super chunky mushroom style (got nice chunks of shrooms in it), but you can use any kind ya want

          Then sprinkle on your spices/seasonings, I like Italian seasoning, garlic powder, onion powder,

          Add cheese, I use fat free mozzarella shredded cheese, or those low fat mini cheese triangles, (only 35 cals 1.5 g fat each), I used the garlic and herb ones, cut into chunks and placed on top of sauce. They are kinda mushy and hard to work with since they are made for spreading, but they are so good and worth the hassle lol

          then add the toppings, veggies will be lower cal and fat g's than meats, i love meat so I use turkey pepperoni (thanks Donna!!) I use about 4 of them per pizza (they are 80 cals, 4 g fat for 12 pieces) I blot them too before adding them, to get rid of the extra oil.

          Place on sheet, broil for 5 mins( I use toaster oven, much easier for me),i add reduced fat grated cheese and voila!!! You can any toppings ya want, thats why they are individual pizzas lol. They are messy as hell but soooo worth it!! Let me know if anyone tries em and what ya think.

          Each pizza is just under 200 cals and about 2-4 g fat, depending on how much sauce and what toppings and types of cheese you use.

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            sounds tasty! i tried making a pizza with a la tortilla factory flatbread - they are really tasty and high in fiber. I think if I'd had a little more patience to let it crisp up on my pizza stone it would have been really good, but I was hungry and pulled it as soon as the cheese melted. it was a little doughy.

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              I don't know if it would work with the flatbread but when we make english muffin pizzas, I toast them first and then do toppings and broil.

          2. the cooking light website also has good recipes. I made a shrimp/orzo/tomato dish last week that was really good. I was looking for something scampi-ish but without the wine.

            You might want to check out the Weight Watchers Foodies thread,
  , there are always good links there. :)