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Jun 21, 2012 02:51 PM

Best Hot Wings???

OK, got the recommendations for my inlaws fried fish, now on to my husbands favorite. What are you favorite hot wings places? My husband really likes the heat, and I'm talking about habanero hot if possible. My taste is down a notch from him, at our favorite local places in NC, he always get the hottest they make and mine is the next one down. We both prefer a more buffalo/vinegar base sauce, but are open to the more tomato based ones. Will consider a really great flavor sauce even if the heat is not quite habanero level. We are staying on A1A in Ft Lauderdale beach, but are up for a drive in either direction for something good. Hope there are some options in the area.

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  1. Tarks of Dania Beach. I like the Hot with garlic, great taste... The terminator is hotter but just too much for my taste (with the garlic!)

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      Thanks, I found their menu online, must be pretty good if they've been around for almost 50 years now.

    2. cndij, You might try Brus room . They have an x-hot and a xx-hot. I can't handle the heat so I am not sure how hot they really are but they have some of the best wings around in my opinion.

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          I like Bru's Room's wings too and find them much better than Hurricane Wings. Get the grilled finish option for some added flavor. They have several sauces but I don't know about their hottest. If the OP's other half wants hot, he needs to seek out a wing sauce made with ghost peppers (aka Naga Bhut Jolokia). They are 3 times hotter than a habanero and scale in at 1 million Scoville units.

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            Thanks for the suggestions, it looks like we'll be trying Bru's room too. We have a local restaurant that makes an off menu sauce for my husband that has ghost peppers in it, but I don't mess with that one. We grew ghost peppers in our garden last year, but this year we have naga morich and butch Trinidad Scorpions as they have surpassed the Guiness record that ghost peppers set. He actually didn't eat many of those last year, I think Habanero's as really his favorite.

      1. WIlton Wings in Wilton Manors is pretty good.