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Jun 21, 2012 02:45 PM

Gluten Free Birthday cake: Beautiful AND Tasty?

Hello! Last week I asked Sweets Bakeshop if they could accommodate my request for a gluten-free birthday cake. It's my 30th birthday in early August and my doctor just ordered me to go on a strictly gluten-free diet. So I'm new to all of this. Anyway, Sweets said they could do it and asked what I had in mind for decoration, etc. They quoted a starting price of $45 for a 6" inch layer cake to feed 10 to 12 people. After I sent some images (per their request) and explained what I wanted, I didn't hear back from them for 5 days or so. I sent another email to follow up and was told that their policy changed and they can only make my cake if I spend $250 total!

So I'm really bummed out but I can't go that high and then Sweets told me they can make gluten-free cupcakes to accommodate my needs.

Long story short, I want a real birthday cake. I want something that looks beautiful, tastes good, and preferably custom to my choice of flavor and design. Do you have any recommendations for bakeries that could help me in the Twin Cities?

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  1. I have not had a need for gluten free baked goods, but I've heard good things about BitterSweet Bakery in Eagan.

    1. Patisserie 46 makes a cake called the Rory cake, with meringue layers instead of sponge cake. It is delicious, beautiful, gluten-free and definitely more reasonably priced.

      1. Wow, since when does a 6-inch cake serve 10-12? Even when you cut paper-thin slivers? Something is wrong there!

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          Thank you. I'll definitely check out Bittersweet Bakery (I wish their site had pictures of the birthday cakes). The Rory Cake sounds very unique too, but I'll most likely save that idea for another occasion. I really want a real cake this time, though I do like meringue.

          I'm glad to hear someone else question how a 6 inch cake feeds 12 people. I was wondering too but figured I have portion distortion with cake?!?!

          The owner at Sweets Bakeshop emailed me last night and apologized about the situation. She offered to make an 8-inch cake (which she said feeds 25 people) with the cherry blossom and fortune cat decorations (which I had already stated I would like in my previous correspondence with the bakery)..... for $125! Or I could go with the 6-inch cake for $100! Given that my original quote was $45 for a 6-inch buttercream cake with very little fondant work, apparently the cherry blossoms and little cat cost $55?!?! More than the cake itself. I'm kinda flabbergasted. The owner also said that they would give me a free dozen mini cupcakes or macarons ($17), whether or not I order the cake with them. I feel like the whole thing is bizarre. I didn't know a gluten-free custom birthday cake could turn into such a big deal! So I really appreciate your help!

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            I have had a few cakes from Bittersweet Bakery and thought they were really good. Gluten free flour is more expensive but the prices you were quoted from Sweets are pretty ridiculous. I'd go with Bittersweet.

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          1. I've never tried ordering from their bakery, but maybe try French Meadow?

            Good luck and happy birthday!


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              Thank you! French Meadow said they don't really offer customized cakes, so I'll save them as an option for another occasion. I tried out Bittersweet a bit, and they seem good for a basic alternative to a grocery store bakery but still not really what I'm looking for.

              Sweets contacted me again to offer me the 6-inch cake for $75 and they'll pitch in the free dozen macarons... but I still think that's crazy for not even an 8-inch cake....!

              Soo...... I guess I'll be making my own gluten-free birthday cake!

              Thanks for everyone's help--I appreciate it!

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                One last suggestion: The Wedge has its own bakery and does gluten-free products - might they be an option?