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Jun 21, 2012 02:21 PM

just move from Chicago.. any REAL sushi here?

Hello all, i live in the Pines area near the 24 Cinemark theatre. I have YET to find a decent sushi place. Tried Nami Sushi, Fuji Steakhouse, Shinju Buffet, Amazing Thai, and Marumi Japanese restaurant in Plantation(Delicious but not too many choices of sushi). Probably a couple more i can't remember off the top of my head.. All the sushi was ... mediocre? Maybe because i was spoiled from all the delicious sushi the big city had to offer. I'm sure there's some place out there i haven't discovered yet, any suggestions?

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  1. Well, I have my doubts as to what you mean by "real sushi" as one does not look for "real sushi" at a sushi buffet or Thai restaurant, but you can try NAOE, Matsuri, or sushi deli.

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        Looking for real sushi at steakhouses, buffets and Thai restaurants would seem to be a task doomed to failure from the start.

        Yakko-San is great but not for the sushi, it's the izakaya menu that I go for. I would not recommend Hiro's at all. (Note: Yakko-San's full name is Hiro's Yakko-San but the two restaurants are not associated with one another. Yakko-San is further east on 163rd St. Causeway in the Intracoastal Mall, next to the Old Navy).

        If you really want to go all out for excellent sushi, go to Naoe, now in Brickell Key. Omakase only. New location (used to be in Sunny Isles) but no changes to the food. You can read more about it here ->

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          +1 on Frod's comments

          Sushi Deli

          Sushi deli is cheaper and I think better than Makoto but both are very good. Both were better than Matsuri when I went there a long time ago.

      2. I'm not sure about that area (there are some finds up there, but I haven't really explored all the sprawl). If you don't mind a bit of a drive, the best sushi dollar for dollar is the Sushi Deli at the Japanese Market at North Bay Village (79th Street Causeway between the Upper Eastside and North Beach). It's worth your trek, though.

        I'm not sure how "real" you want your sushi. There's really a lot of options for quality sushi at varying degrees of authenticity. If you just want Japanese food, I'd recommend Yakko-san and Hiro's on 163rd in North Miami Beach. They both have huge menus, good sushi and the drive is only about 30 minutes. If you find yourself in Coral Gables, though, Su-Shin Izakaya is a must.

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          Heart Rock Sushi in the Gateway shopping center at Sunrise and Federal in Ft. Lauderdale in my book has great sushi. My baormeter is if they keep good grade Uni as well as quail eggs and these folks do. Every morselk they prouce is strikingly fresh and luminous which is also a good sign - means that their turnover is fast so fish is always freshest.

        2. Maido in Doral, Su-Shin Izakaya in Coral Gables, Matsuri, and Sushi Deli are authentic.

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            Thanks for replies, i was hoping for some place i haven't discovered yet maybe near where i live by. Guess if i want good food i'd hve to travel around. Thanks again