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Jun 21, 2012 02:16 PM

Burrito Loco in Marstons Mills/Cape Cod

I stopped in after a long day at work and a craving for a burrito. Burrito Loco is in the back of Cash's Grocery Store, right in Marston Mill's "Center" before the 149/28 intersection. The owner was very nice (did not get his name). He shared he worked at Bonatt's and Centerville Conference Center prior to starting his own gig. I ordered a vegetarian burrito with homemade guac, beans, rice, avocado and tomatoes. I brought it home and devoured the entire burrito. I'd go back! The burrito was 7.50 plus tax. He has lots of sauces, all homemade and serves chicken and beef. He has no plans to serve fish due to folks having "allergies". Once in awhile he prepares authentic dishes. He also serves tacos and quesadillas.

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  1. I've been meaning to give this place a try for a couple of years now and finally got a chance to do it today. Oh my! Real deal Mexican street tacos just 10 minutes from my house. As good as those I had in San Diego this summer, albeit pricier at $3.50 per (a bargain for Cape Cod) This is how a taco should be made, two small grilled soft tortillas, generous moist carne asada (tangy shredded pork) cheese and the freshest salsa, which was more like a pico de gallo. Scrumptious. He asks what you want on it and you could have what I did , and also black beans, guac, lettuce, hot sauce, and rice. Burritos, as Ann mentions are $7.70 and quesadillas about the same. All look terrific. Your choice of carne asada, shredded beef, ground beef, or chicken for all. This small hole in the wall puts Sam Diego's to shame.

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      Sam Diego's should be ashamed on GP's (general principals.)
      Thanks for giving this place a try. I've sort of been turned off by the front of the store. Next time I'm there -straight to the back.

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        Don't let the shabby market in the front deter you from getting the yummy chow from the shabby kitchen in the back! He's opening a second, full service location at the former site of the Brown Bag Bagel in Hyannis on Barnstable Road. In about a month he said. (Note: I hate comparing it to Sams as that sets the bar far too low)

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          Perfect spot at the former Brown Bag...parking and convenient...thanks for the heads up!!

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            I miss the Brown Bag :-(

            It will be good to have another restaurant in the space finally. It'll be great if he does breakfast!

            Yup, there is parking, but the set up is screwy. Drive carefully.

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        1. Sadly, the original owner was an illegal alien and was deported back to Mexico. The new owner (a cousin, I believe) does an okay job, but not up to the standard of the original unfortunately.

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