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Jun 21, 2012 01:57 PM

Refrigerator Rec's

Well, guys, wife's in rehab with a broken arm/elbow/shoulder and our old fridge is gasping. Keeps things cold but running almost constantly. I would welcome opinions and experiences. I would like a bottom freezer. Stainless isn't important but I'll probably have to get it. I've read good reviews on LG. Not in the market for a high end Sub Zero type thing. Just a good all round fridge.

Thanks for your recs.


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  1. "I've read good reviews on LG."

    I've read bad reviews on LG, just can't remember where right now. CR typically rates Whilrpool reasonably well and the repair history is fairly good as well. They have an extensive line up and a lot of options with bottom freezers.

    1. As I recall, there were an "issue" (some years ago) with LG refrigerators where the bulb (or the wiring or the housing for the bulb) began to smolder & cause some fires.

      I have an LG made Kenmore Elite side-by-side that I bought a few months ago. I figured as long as the model I got had LED lighting, I wouldn't have that particular problem.

      1. I've had a Samsung french door, bottom freezer for almost a year now. Not a single problem. Its very quiet. It has the full width fridge drawer just above the freezer that we use for canned sodas and it really is a convenience. This is the first nice fridge I've owned and I swear it really does make food last longer.

        1. We have had a couple of Whirlpools and they have been great, we just completed a kitchen remodel and moved our side by side Whirlpool(which is more than 20 years old) out to the garage, I had to replace the ice maker about 10 years ago but it still keeps things really cold. We got a new LG french door and it is the counter depth model, you get more width but less depth, it has the ice and water in the door and led lights, so far seems to be very good.

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            I'm reading this thread because my third LG (single door, bottom freezer, ice maker, no door dispensers) is sitting in my kitchen waiting for me to decide on something different so they can pick it up. #1 had uneven shelves because the brackets in the back that the shelves hook into were not level. #2 the crisper bins didn't slide right so you had to struggle with them. (no wheels just plastic grooves) #3 the freezer seal doesn't grab completely, leaving a gap. I'm done with LG. For $1,200 I expect more.