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Jun 21, 2012 01:56 PM

Only in town for 7ish hours early in the morning. Need a place to to eat.

First let me say I am a huge food/drink lover. I fly into Portland at 12:50am on a friday and then hop a train to Seattle at 8:30am. So I need a place to have a great drink (preferably bourbon based) and bite before it closes at 2:30am and then a 24 hour place to eat some great food read a book and sip some coffee until my train leaves. I have no problem taking a cab all over the city so specific neighborhoods don't matter. The only requirement is that the food and drinks/coffee are good. I appreciate all food so I'm not pigeonholed into one kind and I don't mind a good greasy spoon type place. I do dislikechain restaurants so I will avoid at all costs. I am coming up with very few options especially for the latter 24 hour diner part. Any help would be much appreciated.


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  1. There is no 24-hour place with great food - there are hardly any 24-hour places at all. I would eat your food before 2:30. Places you can do that with good drinks: Gilt Club and Central. As for 24-hour, there's the Roxy downtown, but they probably won't be thrilled with you hanging around all night if they're busy. There's Voodoo Doughnut Too off Sandy and a coffeeshop called Southeast Grind on Powell. I can't think of too many other places.

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      Gilt Club closes at 2am and does great late night food and great cocktails - they serve their full dinner menu until closing. Cassidy's is a good spot, good food and drink, also open until 2am. A newish place called Smallwares is good and also open until 2am.

      Voodoo Donuts (both locations) and the Original Hotcake House (on SE Powell, right near the Ross Island Bridge) are both open 24 hours. I'd rather eat greasy breakfast food at the latter than donuts at the former...don't know about wifi at either. I think the Roxy is open 24 hours, but I can't recomend it.

      Maybe a nice hotel lobby would be a good choice?

      Portland is not a late night kind of town, sorry!

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        Thanks for the suggestions. I might just find a 24hour coffee shop, after the food and drinks, with a comfy couch to sit on and read. I am from Austin and this city is very much a late night city. Great 24 hour food establishments.