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Jun 21, 2012 01:33 PM

banana cake mix--how to doctor?

A couple months back I picked up several cake mixes for 25 cents each. I couldn't resist. But now I have this banana cake mix and I don't know how to make it edible. Any idea for how to make it into bars? Frostings? Add-ons? Thanks

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  1. I would definitely add at least one real overripe banana and use buttermilk for the liquid. Maybe a little lemon juice too... I normally prefer not to add chocolate to banana baking but it might be a good save here. With chocolate chips and some walnuts, you could make rich muffins.

    1. Whats the tare weight of your cake mix?

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      1. Whatever you wind up making, if the mix calls for vegetable oil use the same amount of melted butter instead.


          The Cake Mix doctor always has recipes handy for this !!

          1. I would add lots of spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, a mashed banana, extra vanilla and the give it a rum glaze. Believe it or not instant coffee or mocha syrup is great with banana.You could use my mom's 1950's trick of whipping cream and instant coffee to ice it and then add chopped walnuts to the sides.