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Jun 21, 2012 11:55 AM

Tart Cherry Juice

Where can I buy this in Toronto I live Downtown but can travel Miranda

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  1. Yes? Hi! There is the chinese store on the east side south of the dundas that carries the real cherry juice from the cherry lane. It is the $25 per bottle. It is the tasty but the too expensive.

    1. Go to No Frills on Gerrard and Carlaw. In the juice section, they have Turtamek sour cherry juice (actually, I don't know if it's 100% juice). They might have it at other No Frills locations, but I know this one has it regularly. It's in a glass bottle.

      1. Sour cherry juice from Turkey is delicious. You can find it at Marche Istanbul in the strip mall at Dufferin and Orfus.

        1. Greek sour cherry juice in tetrapaks can be found in Greektown (try Serano's grocery store on Pape or Greek House Market) , and Polish sour cherry juice in tetrapaks can be found in most grocery stores selling Eastern Euro groceries ( try Benna's, Starsky's, Yummy, etc).

          Cherry Lane Ontario sour cherry juice is also sold at Scheffler's in SLM, as well as at Wing Shing at 265 Spadina (the place Indianguy is talking about)

          1. I just bought some today for the first time at Arz. Definitely a hike from downtown though (Lawrence, east of Pharmacy).