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Jun 21, 2012 11:52 AM

Smashburger in mamaroneck

Just passed thru the village of mamaroneck,on mamaroneck ave. down by the train,where they put up a new building,there are two new places opening, a frozen yogurt place and a Smashburger. Can't wait to try them, when they tested 11 newer chains ( a hamburger today ?) they thought that was either the best or one of the best. Anyone tried them elsewhere?

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  1. it's like a chipotle for burgers. about the same experience as elevation. burgers are fine but I still prefer 5 guys for taste and peanuts.

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      Going to find out soon enough which more people prefer, just found out another smashburger is to open in Pelham manor, in the same shopping center as fairway. Right across the street from. Five guys, basically

    2. Grand opening was yesterday - me and the boyfriend went this morning, right as they opened at 11. First impression was just okay. The staff was friendly, but there were too many of them, and they sort of swarmed you as you walked in the door. Ordering was efficient, and the food, clearly made fresh, came quickly. I had a NY Burger (spinach, tomato, peppercorn sauce, cheddar, grilled onions on brioche) and he had a build your own burger with all the free veggie toppings and american cheese. I have to say, the burgers were just okay. They were not that juicy, and to me tasted too salty and greasy without good beef flavor. The toppings were good. Unfortunately, my boyfriend is on his third trip to the bathroom, and I do not feel wonderful. We love 5 Guys, and we thought that this might be an acceptable substitute 2 minutes from our door, however it is not to be. We will stick to our other local Mamaroneck places, and head elsewhere for cheap quick burgers.

      1. I also stopped in on day 2 that they were open. I agree that the staff was over the top but, I can forgive that in the first week. I had the Big Smash Classic. Nice big burger, tasted fresh and juicy. The "special sauce" I could have done without. The rosemary fries were good but greesy. Not a big deal on day 2 but wouldn't want them when the oil is not as fresh. All in all, better than Jake's Wayback Burger but still cant touch 5 Guys.

        1. Any news on how they are, now that they have been open several months?

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            I have been twice and my husband has been several times. First time I had a burger, second time I had a salad. We like it. My husband is a huge fan of Shake Shack and that is his gold standard for this style of burger. He also likes 5 Guys and places Smashburger somewhere in between Shake Shack and 5 Guys. I don't care for the fries with rosemary, but I don't really like rosemary.

            Prices are very reasonable meals are actually cheap.

          2. I tried the Smashburger that opened in Pelham, but I didn't have a burger -- I had the chicken buffalo sandwich. It was fine. Nothing outrageously wonderful, but a decent option on the go.

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              I agree with cubanat - chipotle for burgers! Fast food for people who want something better than McD. Not crazy about their fries, though.

              1. re: decayny

                the onion straws are good but greasy, the burgers are just fair, 5 guys has better burgers