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Jun 21, 2012 11:23 AM

Lunch in Detroit/Port Huron area

Will be heading up to Canada and will be in the Detroit/Port Huron area for lunch. Any suggestions for something local, good, inexpensive and right off the I-75 or I-94? Thanks!!!!

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  1. I'm a tad confused by your mention of I-75 & Port Huron.

    Hippo's Hot Dogs; I-75; easy-on/off using Rochester Rd

    IzaBella's Kitchen; Polish; On Van Dyke, just north of I-696 (connects I-94 & I-75)

    Christine's Cuisine; 9 Mile Road, not too far west of I-75

    Eastern Mkt is easy on/off I-75 (downtown), Supino's Pizza or Russel St. Deli

    Telway; sliders; convenient to both I-75 & I-696

    Taqueria Lupita; Mexican Village area

    Evie's Tamales; ditto

    Los Galanes; ditto

    Green Dot Stables; Corktown Shores

    Polish Village Cafe; Hamtramck

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    1. re: rainsux

      I think the op just meant I-75 until they hit I-94 in Detroit.
      Good list.

    2. Once you pass the Harper Road exit on eastbound I-94, your dining choices are a bit of a drive from the freeway. Here's my suggestions:

      Strawberry Fields Restaurant--east off the 23 Mile Road exit, "about" 2.5 miles. It faces 23 Mile Road, but the driveway access is on Foster. Clean family diner with a full service BAR.

      If you stay on 23 Mile Road another three miles of so you will see Bad Brad's Barbque, on Green Street and Main. Terrific 'que and Michigan craft beer on tap.

      Honestly I love the drive from New Baltimore east and north along the Lake St Clair Shoreline thru Fair Haven, Clay TWP., Marine City, St Clair, and Marysville into Port Huron. And there are a lot of nice dining choices--at multiple price points, right along the water. If your lazing away your drive to Port Huron/Sarnia, this is the way to go.

      Finally , in Port Huron, Quay Street Brewery is a gastro pub on the Black River, a stones throw from the St Clair River. I think its the best dining Port Huron has to offer. About three miles south and west of the Blue Water Bridge.

      Have a nice drive.

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      1. re: RedTop

        Thanks for mentioning Quay Street Brewery. I used to visit Port Huron frequently, and used to love stopping at Diana's Sweet Shoppe, but I haven't found a favourite place to eat in PH since Diana's closed.

        I understand Gibson Guitar had bought Diana's from the owners, and opened Diana's in Nashville, TN?

        To anyone else liked visiting Diana's: