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Best red velvet & carrot cake/cupcakes

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Hey all!

So I was in Johannesburg lately and got to have the best red velvet cake ever! I already love red velvet cupcakes but this was heaven... I also had an amazing carrot cake

So now in MTL I am trying to find the best red velvet & carrot cake as well as cupcakes I can get my hands on.

So fire away all suggestions you got on the Island!

Thanks a bunch


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  1. I quite like the red velvet cupcake from Les Glaceurs in Old Montreal
    (453 St Sulpice)

    1. The Les Glaceurs in the old port does have good red velvet cupcakes, but the best I've have I bought online from bakesalegirl and we're delivered to my place. They were so good, so moist and the perfect size. She's on twitter @BakeSaleGirl

      1. Cocoa Locale does a good red velvet cake. The best carrot cake that I have found so far is from Campanelli - they put thick layer of cream cheese icing between two layers of carrot cake, and it's highly addictive (as is most of their baking)...

        1. Thanks for the Les Glaceurs (def the one in Old MTL over the one downtown right?), Bakesalegirl, cocoa locale and Campanelli suggestions. Will have to go for a taste test soon!

          I would like a red velvet cake for a bday and need to know which is best in town. So any other suggestions send them my way!!

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            Are the cupcakes different at the downtown location than in the Old Port? How about at the Westmount (Bilboquet) location?

          2. Red velvet cupcake goes to Les Glaceurs. Red velvet cake goes to Cocoa Locale. Both pale in comparison to New York City's Two Little Red Hens (cake) and Pinisi (cupcake).

            Frannies used to make a killer carrot cake but I haven't seen one recently. Whoever supplied Cafe Republique in the beginning also had a good carrot cake.

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              thanks a lot for these suggestions.... how do you feel about D Liche? i've tried both Red Velvet and Carrot cupcake and they are great

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                I really liked the red velvet from D'liche, though if I recall correctly, the icing is vanilla bean and not the traditional cream cheese. It's one of the most memorable red velvets I've had in the city, better than Les Glaceurs IMO. I volunteered at the Cupcake Training Camp this spring and D'liche was one of the first tables to sell out.

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                  I 'm not a big fan of D Liche as much as other Montrealers but I'm really picky after sampling the cupcakes in NYC and LA. I like their triple chocolate cupcake.

                  For a really moist cupcake Cocoa Locale has vanilla, chocolate chai and one other that escapes me.

              2. I also want to know! If anyone could suggest a big, fat, two-layer carrot cake with cream cheese icing, I'd be much obliged.

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                  I've become somewhat addicted to the carrot muffins from Mi & Stu on Parc. Despite the fact that they are a gluten, dairy, & peanut free establishment their carrot cake and/or muffins with dairy free cream cheese icing are fantastic.

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                    While the icing is between the two layers, instead of on top, Campanelli does have one of the best carrot cakes I've had...

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                      +1 on the Campanelli carrot cake. Best ever. Outstanding zucchini muffin, too.

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                          Notre Dame west, in St. Henri, just east of De Courcelle.

                    2. Les Glaceurs does a great job & Virginie (a former colleague of mine) knows her cupcakes! When I don't feel like trekking to Old MTL, my new love is Yuki Bakery (5211 Sherbrooke W between Northcliffe & Marlowe, across from Trinity Memorial Church) for both their red velvet cupcakes & their individual portioned carrot cake (also love their uber chocolatey devils' food cupcakes & gorgeous devils' food cake. Their salted caramel cupcakes are pretty decadent too). Hank, the owner, is a very cool guy.

                      1. Tried Cocoa Locale this past week. Red Velvet cake was a disappointment, but I was expecting something sweeter and trashier so my 'disappointing' may be your 'not bad'. Choc Chai was very good, but the best was the vanilla/raspberry/rose cake. That was a borderline Proustian madeleine moment for me, she really seems to do her thing of homestyle baked goods INCREDIBLY well. It was like my mom's cakes, pushed those buttons, but better (don't tell my mom). Best cake I've had in Montreal.

                        Cupcakes were the second best I've had, and I have been on a cupcake sampling journey for a few months now - haven't found anything decent on the Plateau, the Cocoa Locale ones were decent (they seemed a little too dense/heavy, but it's not a big issue) but still by far the best cupcakes in Montreal, imo, are the ones from Depanneur Le Pickup (fresh, they do sell leftovers for cheap the next day and theyre obv not as good then). Their baked goods in general are very good.

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                          might want to keep dates for cupcake camp on your agenda, 50,000 cupcakes expected and Bob le chef is one of judges

                          I actually had a delicious cupcake in a grocery store last week (Sobeys, Ontario), it was full of lemon flavour from top to bottom, and had some lemon filling inside which made it very moist, they also had red velvet but we did not taste those ones. We all wanted the last one!

                        2. so after coming back from New York City and trying @marblebag's Two Little Red Hens.... oh my, will be tough to find anything better in the city!

                          Has there been since any new additions? has anyone heard of Dolce & Gateau in Bonaventure? or Temptation Cupcake in Metropolis (Laval)?

                          Let me know, so far les glaceurs seem to have the best red velvet cupcake in town...


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                            I'm glad you like 'my' bakery. I always have the red velvet cupcake there when I am in town. The pastry owners at Kem CoBa like their cakes though.

                            Premiere Moisson now sells a carrot cake.

                          2. bump! I'd like a Red Velvet cake for my bday.. any places I should look into in the Mtl/Laval areas?

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                              Call Cocoa Locale and ask innocently if she's making them because the owner doesn't do orders.

                            2. Have you tried Dolce & Gateaux, on Bernard at Clark? I really like their cupcakes in general, but can't say how their red velvet stacks up against others mentioned here.