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Jun 21, 2012 10:24 AM

Coming to Philadelphia/Mt. Laurel area for 2 weeks - dessert recs, please

I will be in the area & have never been before. Where do you recommend I go for dinner? My only prerequisites are that the locations be easy for me to get to from Mt. Laurel & that they have great desserts. Thank you for your recommendations in advance!

P.S.: Is Franklin Fountain as awesome as it seems? If not, where would you recommend for ice cream?

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  1. It's about a 30-minute drive into the city from Mt. Laurel. You're here for two weeks, how many times do you anticipate coming in to the city for dinner? Franklin Fountain is pretty good but I'd recommend our local gelato chain, Capogiro, over FF. If you're here for two weeks you should definitely try both though.

    Here's a recent thread with lots of dessert suggestions:

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      I would like to go out about 5-7 times. Right now, I have Buddakan & JG Domestic booked. It can always be changed if there's better out there, though!

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        I would unbook both of those. Right now if I were eating 7 dinners in Philly they would be (in more or less descending order):

        - Vedge,, get the cheesecake for dessert.
        - Bibou,
        - Osteria,, get the polenta budino for dessert.
        - Kanella,
        - Zahav,
        - Fond,
        - Koo Zee Doo,

        Hopefully I'm not forgetting something. If dessert is much more important to you than dinner, I'd move Koo Zee Doo and Fond up the list and move Bibou down, desserts are not Bibou's strong point.

        If you do want to check out Franklin Fountain, another great restaurant is Han Dynasty,, it's one block from Franklin Fountain, go there afterwards.

        If you don't have the time to go to Fond you could stop by Belle Cakery on East Passyunk Ave. instead, the pastry chef from Fond runs it and you can get some of the desserts from Fond there a la carte or to go, as well as some other sweets (ice cream, nut brittles, great macarons).

        A few other places I'd consider: Le Virtu, South Philly Tap Room and the Khyber Pass (our two best gastropubs, Khyber will be easier for you to get to coming from Mt. Laurel).

        1. re: Buckethead

          Buckethead has given some great recommendations for Philadelphia. Where would we suggest in S. Jersey? I think Fuji in Haddonfield deserves mention. I would rather eat there than at Morimoto in Philadelphia.

          And I have vague recollections of LeBan raving about a bunch of restaurants in S. Jersey but its not an normal area for me so I am at a loss. Is Blackbird still good?

    2. As for dessert in the Mt. Laurel area, options are somewhat limited. The first that comes to mind is actually over in Berlin(15 mins or so of a drive straight down 73) called Sundaes. They do very good ice cream and water ice. McMillan's bakery in Westmont has the best cream donut I have ever had along with some other less impressive, but still good sweets. I will probably get harassed for this, but the Cookie Express(huge cookie covered in ice cream) at Champps in Marlton is one of my favorites in the area.

      As far as regular restaurants go, I cannot vouge for these, but Siri's and Aldo Lamberti in Cherry Hill receive lots of love on the Jersey board. My folks have been to Siri's, and they liked it very much. I enjoy the Old School, Northern Italian dishes at La Posata also in Marlton. The Library II has a good steak(I think it's in Voorhees). Bobby Flay has an outpost of one of his burger joints in Cherry Hill. Hope this helps!

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        The best place in South Jersey right now for dinner is in Collingswood. Quite a few great restaurants there.
        My recommendations:
        -Blackbird Dining Establishment
        -Casona (Cuban cuisine)
        -El Sitio
        -IndeBlue Indian Cuisine
        -The Pop Shop (I love their breakfast)

        Not in Collingswood but also near to Mt Laurel in Voorhees.
        -Ariana (Afghani cuisine)

        1. re: MooseInSJ

          The Pop Shop is very good. Great place for meal or dessert. Excellent suggestion.