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Jun 21, 2012 10:02 AM

Family needs a little help in Paris

Can someone help.
In the 7th with wife and 2 kids. 8 & 7. Only here for 2 days.
Wife is a tartare fan, kids typically well behaved for 2 hrs max.

I promise to return with some killer recommendations and precise commentary but for now the kids are hungry and the wife and I would like to have an experience.
Thank you Chow Hounds!

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  1. Good luck! I am looking at planning a similar scenario for next week. I have found this thread to be helpful for planning eating with my family:

    Thanks to that original poster in that thread for a great discussion and good planning.

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    1. re: 23dex

      Thank you 23 dex,
      I will walk by the very average bistro right next door to Chez Clement to post its name it's mentioned in the link of 23 dex above
      My brothers Coq au Vin is far superior. The filet Mignon was of average quality. The andouille sausage was good so was the creamy tart and slightly sweet mustard served with it. The Grand Cru Bordeaux St. Estephe for 40 euros was very good not particularly complex but very drinkable.
      Thank you for your link looks good.
      I am more determined to find a great lunch or dinner today!

      1. re: MBchboy

        Not sure if this is too late for you MB, but my teens (ages 16, 14 and 13 at the time) loved Chez Denise. Oldest boy is a HUGE tartare fan, and he loved his HUGE portion, which he declared very good...and his empty plate was proof. My daughter (the youngest) loved her steak frites and they all loved the vibe. We were there almost 7 years ago and they STILL talk about it as their favorite dining experience in Paris. I think it would work with ages 8 and 7 (not sure about your brood 23 dex, but I would definitely return with older kids in tow).

        1. re: sistereurope

          Hello sistereurope,
          Thank you for your suggestion. I was skeptical because you said you hadn't eaten there in so many years so I tried something else from a post entitled "Comments on dining plans for chowpups".
          The author of dining with chowpups mentioned Les Degres de Notre Dame. We just finished @ Les Degres de Notre Dame one of the "easy rest's in case kids have jet lag". It was better than fast food and easy because not very many people will return to eat here.

          Despite a multitude of excellent and very good reccomendations which our server Camaal was familiar with, I have the following average experience to report:

          4 adults- one 7 yr old & two 6 yr olds - 210 euros.
          We had a bottle of Taittinger Brut for 59 euros- $25.00 dollars in the US.
          Bottle of average Bordeaux Naudin Larchey 31 euros.
          Salad Chevere 8 euros - tasty (hard to do this salad poorly)
          Saucisson De Lyon- very tasty warm potatoes in a grainy mild Dijon- ish sauce. (appetizer) 8 euros.
          A couple of 1/4 roast chicken with potatoes Cooked and seasoned well - 19 euros each
          Couscous Royal- dish of Cous Cous, with side plate of 2 "hot dogs" & 3 pieces of stewed lamb, 2 lamb kabobs three small ramekins containing a hot spice, a sweet raisin mixture forgot the third one , bowl of broth with vegetables-plenty of average food - 23 euros.
          Bowl of strawberry's 5.5 euros
          2 chocolate mouse 9 euros 1 filet Mignon 23 euros.
          Waitor who seemed like the owner was super friendly service was good but I cannot understand why anyone on a foodi blog could mention this restaurant at all. I know the post said easy for kids with jet lag but so is absolutely any bistro in this City, food at the airport or food on your plane and any bistro would have variety and some French food.

          I would attach the photos of everything- all plated well- but can't figure out how- new to chowhound.
          Ok I lured you into the post with the title but I really need a solid reccomendation.

          1. re: MBchboy

            Yikes, I'm sorry MB, it's always a disappointment for me when I have a so so meal in Paris! I haven't eaten at Chez Denise in a few years, but it's still recommended for steak tartare by at least 2 Paris hounds whose opinions I definitely respect (Souphie and Delucacheesemonger), so when you asked about steak tartare AND a kid friendly place it's what popped into my mind. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Paris.

            1. re: MBchboy

              I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience at Les Degres. Your post here sounds like you took my original post (I'm the mom of the chowpups) as a recommendation. I just want to clarify that I was looking for feedback on my choices, having been to Paris just once, and twenty years ago at that. Les Degres was recommended on TripAdvisor. Sounds like it's a place to stay away from.

              Another reason why I am here and not on other sites...

              1. re: MBchboy

                "I cannot understand why anyone on a foodi blog could mention this restaurant at all."

                Neither of the places you ate were recommended. Chez Clement was a 'last resort' mention including a firm caveat, and Les Degres was being questioned, not suggested.

                However, hang around Chowhound long enough, and you will find that every place gets recommended at least once.

                1. re: Steve

                  He didn't go to Chez Clément but to an unnamed restaurant next to it. On the place St-André-des-Arts!!! I feel faint. :)

        2. MBchboy,
          We have two children, 6 and 4, and took them to Le Severo a few month's back. Brilliant tartare, very good wine list, charming father and son team running the place and out in the back blocks so not over-run by tourists.
          Best Regards