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Jun 21, 2012 09:59 AM

The Stop's Night Market - 2012 reviews/feedback

Any CHers at The Stop's Night Market last night?

Favourite bites? What did you think of the vibe/organization of the event?

I really enjoyed it. I was there as a volunteer so I only tried a few things but the food highlights for me were:

Hawker Bar's egg (deep fried but great liquid yolk).
Bellevue's Oxtail Taco
The mini cupckaes (forget the vendor name)
The Beet's taco

Curious what other people had and enjoyed. It seemed like from my point of view that the event was a success so I hope they do it again in future years.

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  1. I was really bummed to have missed it but we had previous plans. I love a lot of the chefs that participated. How crowded was it? Was it sweltering?

    1. We were one of the first ones in and headed straight for the beer. We noted that quite a few vendors weren't ready for the 7pm opening. We managed to sample most of the food before the bulk of the crowd got in. The crowd size wasn't bad. Some food vendors were able to prepare and hand out their food faster than others so some lines moved quickly while others were slower (food came in batches.) Some vendors ran out of food FAST! Was the math not done correctly? X number of tickets * 4 hours * reasonable guess of individual consumption = amount of food to bring.

      It wasn't that hot back there. There was very limited seating. Lots of high tables around so we never were needing a place to eat for those times a table was required. Bad signage for Great Lakes. I didn't even notice they were there!

      1. With the $50 ticket being all-inclusive of food and drink, it was nice not to have to juggle money alongside plates of food (and in my case, a camera). This was a great event – both food-wise and visually – check out what you missed (warning: really image-heavy post)!

        The Alleyway
        You run the gauntlet past four booth before hitting the main area of Night Market, but they’re a delicious quadruplet. Because I was in the first wave of people in, a few of the booths were still setting up and others already had lines that I didn’t want to wait for (as people behind me were streaming in).

        The Grove – Smoked Fish on Rye Toast

        SupiCucu – Panamanian Tamales with that awesome hot sauce!

        Neptuno – Oysters. What a great booth! They had a custom tray to display for their oysters too.

        The West Side
        Having cleared the alleyway, I started the tour counter-clockwise. Some of my favourite dishes were the first ones, so it was a good way to begin.

        Brockton General – Mini Fried Chicken Sliders

        Yours Truly – Pork Burger in Xi’An spice and fried bread. This was super good – really enjoyed the bread and the spice combo. One of my favourites.

        Okay, I failed to properly shoot this one. However, The Stop’s offering of Korean fried chicken was awesome. Great pickled veg and well-sauced boneless chicken. Really good and another one of my favourites from the night.

        Hawker Bar – Son In Law Eggs

        Samuel J. Moore – BBQ S’mores

        Cowbell – Sno Cones. This booth was made of ice!

        The Stockyards – BBQ’d Pig Tails. Tasty.

        Paulette’s – Maple Sugar & Cinnamon and Garam Masala donut dots. Thought these quite good.

        Bushwick – Shrimp Cocktail

        Reunion Island Coffee – Coffee Gelato

        Jack & Lil’s – Bunny Chow

        Jack & Lil’s – Caramels and Coconut Marshmallows (not pictured: delicious passionfruit marshmallows).

        The East Side
        Swinging around to the other wall, I skipped Sullivan & Bleeker (why!?) for Nick Liu’s booth instead. I should have just snagged a cupcake for later! At the end of this row was Lindsey Bakes with a ridiculous sweets table. Loved the look and the variety of the items – which included a chewy pretzel with smoked salt for those less sugar-inclined.

        Gwailo – Wild Leek Sambal Sturgeon with Cucumber Salad

        Woodlot – Beef Crudo with Duck Yolk, Balconville Vinegar

        Babi & Co – Babi Bun: Braised pork belly on a fried Chinese bun; Asinan: summer salad with pineapple peanut dressing.

        Lindsey Bakes – Candied Apple with cornflakes (I think).

        Lindsey Bakes – Sugar Cookie. Loved the colours and work on the cookies.

        Lindsey Bakes – Various baked goods including cookies, bacon caramel popcorn, and candied apples.

        Centre Aisle
        Okay, by the time I hit the centre aisle, I was pretty done. I managed to eat one thing from the booths along the middle and special mention to the super-refreshing coconut water from Grace Foods. That hit the spot.

        The Bellvue – Pig Tail Tacos

        Really can’t say how great I thought this event ran and I hope they make this a yearly event!

        From the post with a ridiculous amount of photos:

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        1. re: jlunar

          Great report and photos jlunar...

          Just a quick point, I am pretty sure it was "Oxtail" tacos at The Bellevue unless they changed it up through the evening since when I had it the sign said Oxtail.

          Some great pictures too, I am sure you were one of the more courteous photographers but I saw some people standing in front of the booths with 10 people waiting behind them taking pictures of things....

          Thanks for capturing the evening so well. If anyone sees any video links please post up. I saw a quick report on CTV's local news last night, it captures the "vibe" more.

          Oh, and, my favourite from Lindsey Bakes (well, the only thing I had) was the chocolate cookie with bacon in it.

          Peppermin Pate: It was definitely busy but I didn't seem TOO crowded too me. There was a wait for things but sometimes you could go to another line then come back an hour later and that original line was gone and there was a big line for other things. Maybe others can comment more on the wait since I wasn't around the food area for the "peak" times. I was also standing in the shade for about an hour handling registrations so not sure about the heat.... It was hot but they had water in addition to other drinks as well as the coconut water that jlunar mentioned from Grace.

          EDIT - BlogTo posted up their photos too:

          1. re: ylsf

            fixed! Thanks ylsf! They were indeed oxtail tacos (well, they were when I had it) I was copying off the printed insert. Serves me right for not taking photos of the signs! And I usually move out of the way if I'm shooting and there's still food in front of me. I hate holding people up.

            Peppermint Pate: As for lines, I didn't find it too bad either. I mean, yes it was hot and sweaty and busy, but never unbearably so. And like ylsf, I would come back to lines later and they'd be better. It was never the crazy waits of say, TUM. I think they lines looked maybe 15 minutes long in most cases? I was there from the start and left after 9:30 or so.

            1. re: jlunar

              Wow, thank you both - great pics and commentary. I love how much effort was put into food presentation and the way the "stalls" were set up. Sounds like a fun and tasty night overall.

              Anyone know what Torito made? I always like what they do.

              1. re: peppermint pate

                Torito was listed as having pork belly-and-shoulder steamed buns.

        2. seemed like a great event, too bad I had to work.

          also seems better organized than their last event, burger day.

          I imagine restaurants ran out of food because they weren't paid for the event. Rather they were doing it for charity and therefore only brought so much food to the event, out of their own pocket. Once gone, it's done.

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          1. re: aser

            the food lasted longer than i anticipated, personally.

            my understanding was that they were each asked to bring 500 serves.

            all the interesting stalls were donations by artists.

          2. More pics here (I think these are additional photos not posted to the BlogTo story):


            I agree with Aser on why some food ran out... But, there was one particular vendor that ran out really early.... Makes me wonder how much they ended up serving. I won't bad mouth them because I didn't see the early part of the event so maybe they were serving really quickly but it makes me wonder if they just brought the bare minimum so as to be part of the event....

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            1. re: ylsf

              The photographer took some really great shots!!