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Jun 21, 2012 09:03 AM

A weekend in Dublin


My girlfriend and I will be making a quick stop in Dublin in August (by quick I mean get there Saturday afternoon and fly out Sunday afternoon). We won't be wandering around much - probably a tour at the Guinness Storehouse and a leisurely stroll through St. Stephen's. That said, we're looking for advice in terms of dining options, as always :)

Saturday dinner: I read about The Greenhouse on various forums and it seems to be making waves in the city. To that end we've made a reservation there. Has anyone been? Any recommendations pertaining to their menu?

Sunday lunch: I'm finding to my dismay that a lot of restaurants are closed on Sundays. Where would be a good place to go (something low-key and comfortable is what I have in mind)? We'll be staying around St. Stephens and have to start heading to the airport by 2:30PM the latest.


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  1. The Shelbourne Hotel serves a fairly traditional Sunday lunch and is on St Stephens Green. One Pico serves a more high end Sunday lunch and is very nearby.
    Eden in Temple Bar is more relaxed than the two options above and serves a lovely brunch. Your options really are quite restricted for central Dublin on a Sunday.

    1. Those ideas are great plus there is Odessa for casual brunch and Avoca on Suffolk St for Irish cafe fare.
      Haven't been to the Greenhouse yet sadly but judging by the reviews its certainly a must-see for any foodie while in Ireland.

      1. The Greenhouse is probably the best restaurant in Dublin at the moment IMO. If you are only going to dine here once then opt for either the seven or five course tasting menu with matching wines.

        The night I dined there the stand out dishes for me where:

        Foie gras royale with apple and walnut. Each spoonful held a different proportion of ingredients giving a different flavour for each bite. This was paired with a delicious desert cider that worked really well. I didn't think I liked foie gras, but I loved this.

        Green Tomato with goats milk sorbet, white chocolate ganache and toasted peanuts. Just amazing, best desert I've had in a long time. (I have also heard great things about their passion fruit sorbet).

        You'll have a wonderful meal whatever you choose.

        For casual fare I agree with DublinChow on Avoca and although I haven't been myself friends recomend Green Nineteen on Camden Street, Camden St is about 5 min walk from Stephens Green, although restaurant doesn't open till 12 on a Sunday.

        1. Pls see my post of June 25, to a query about the Greenhouse (in London) ,she didn't specify and I could not figure out how to copy and paste it here. In brief, thrilling food. Longer specifics, check my post.

          1. I've been twice to The Greenhouse and echo the sentiments of the otehr food happening in Ireland at the moment.
            Another suggestion for casual Sunday lunch before heading off is L'Gueuleton ( or it's very cool No Name Bar upstairs.

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              L'Gueleton looks like it will be near my hotel. Will I need a reservation on a weeeknight?

              1. re: bropaul

                AFAIK they don't take reservations. You should be fine to just walk in.

              2. re: Patricko

                Patricko, thanks for the tip on L'Gueleton. I ate there twice and it was very,very good.

                1. re: bropaul

                  Glad you enjoyed L'Gueleton bropaul, I must get back there myself.