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Jun 21, 2012 08:55 AM

Quick question - storage time for chipotles in adobo sauce?

How long can they stay in a plastic covered container in the fridge? I have had them in there for quite some time - not really sure since when - but need them for a recipe. How do I know if they are good?

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  1. I can't answer that question, but a tip I heard on Rachel Ray: store it in the freezer and just scrape off whatever you need in the future.

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    1. re: thymeoz

      That's what I do- blend the whole container and then just scoop it out as needed.

    2. I keep mine in a closed container in the fridge for months at a time. I've never had a problem. I guess I'd think they are bad if they had mold on them, or they looked off.

      1. they actually last for several months in the fridge even after opening. but i always freeze the leftovers:
        - transfer to a heavy-duty freezer bag, flatten it out, and freeze. whenever you need some you just break a piece off the end of the slab.
        - transfer by the tsp or tbsp to an ice cube tray, freeze until solid, and store the pieces in a plastic bag.

        note: if you have difficulty breaking larger pieces, just take a big chunk and use a grater or microplane to take as much off as you need.

        ETA: going forward, i wouldn't suggest storing them in plastic or in the can when you choose to refrigerate - the acids can leach chemicals out of both materials. glass is much safer.

        1. ok - thanks for the advice and suggestions - I am going to use them - they are going into a baked bean recipe for this weekends party.

          1. I agree with most of our fellow posters. They freeze well. But...just one more a couple of cans, puree, then divvy them up into ONE (dedicated) ice cube tray...freeze and use what you need. Store the rest of the cubes in a plastic bag in the freezer.