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Jun 21, 2012 08:35 AM

Take out near Anatole

Getting into DFW around 915pm and staying at Hilton Anatole.

Would like to pick up something on way to hotel and eat in room.

Wondering if there are any good sushi or pizza places close to the Anatole.


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  1. Yelp is your friend. It's really dependant on how far you want to walk/drive

    1. For the best food (closest) to you....

      Oishii on Wycliff. Good sushi plus other Pan-Asian dishes. Not far from the Anatole.

      Sal's Pizza in the same Wycliff strip. Not just pizza.

      Both of the above are on Wycliff between the tollway and Maple Avenue.

      Plus, on Maple Ave, tons of Mexican restaurants.
      The best are Avila's and, Ojeda's.

      Original Market Diner on Harry Hines near Mkt. Center Blvd. Excellent home type cooking. Breakfast and lunch only! Now, open for dinner too, Thur-Sat. Not sure of the new dinner hours, though.