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Jun 21, 2012 08:28 AM

Amada vs. Matyson for anniversary dinner?

My wife and I don't make a big deal about our wedding anniversary, but we do like to have a nice meal together. We're on a Sunday this year, so it's a little easier to get reservations. We've been to Matyson several times over the years, and always had a great experience.
On the other hand, we've never been to Amada, despite several attempts in the past. They've both been around for awhile, so I was wondering if anyone has some insight into how well they are holding up and if one is cooking better than the other these days. It looks like we're locked into a prix fixe at Matyson on Sundays, so any thoughts about that would be appreciated too!

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  1. Where else have you been/not been? I haven't been to Amada in quite a while because people I trust have said it's slid a bit, and I wasn't impressed with a pretty recent trip to Matyson.

    I did recently visit Kanella on a Sunday, where they also do a weekly prix-fixe, and it was incredible, 15 different dishes and they were all good. There's also Little Fish's Sunday night prix-fixe which I recently tried for the first time and loved. I know you weren't exactly looking for a prix-fixe but those are two recent Sunday restaurant meals that I'd be happy to eat again.

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      If you want Tapas you might want to consider Jamonera, the latest member of restaurant row on 13th street.

      Personally I won't eat at Matyson except for their tasting menu which they only do during the week, though they are doing an intriguing Soft Shell Crab menu this weekend.

      +1 for Kanella any day of the week.

    2. Two other Sunday options to consider: Bistro La Minette (and they offer a great $29 prix-fixe on Sundays in addition to the regular menu) and Osteria. We have had wonderful meals at both these places.
      You can look at the menus online.
      We were not overwhelmed by Amada.

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        I'll add one more: LeVirtu, on Passyunk Avenue. Delicious, creative Italian.

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          I heartily secomd the rec for Bistro La Minette. Easily one of my favorite restaurants in the area.

        2. Thanks for the ideas, everyone. We also love Kanella and Bistro La Minette, but had eaten at both recently. We ended up at Talula's Garden--had a delicious meal on the patio, and they treated us great!