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Jun 21, 2012 08:28 AM

Burger Bar 57 in Pelham (formerly Johnny's on 5th)

Just saw this place listed while looking in classifieds and wondered when it opened and if anyone has been. There apps and entree menu look pretty standard for burger joints, but they had some interesting sounding burgers on the menu and all the burgers are 10oz. They actually offer a double.for $18.

Anyone been?

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  1. don't know about them, but was just in village of mamaroneck, and Smashburger is coming.

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    1. re: 51rich

      I had dinner at Johnnies about a month ago and was surprised when I walked into the place. The bar was in a different place, they had a new menu and the tables and chairs were very uncomfortable. My three friends and I were the only people eating dinner and we were there from 7:30 to midnight and this was a Friday night. Two people were at the bar. We closed the place at midnight. The food was terrible and service was terrible. When they first opened up, everything was good. The only reason we stayed so long was because we had not seen each other is a long time.

      I hope they were having a bad night and now that they have changed the name, I hope things are better.

      1. re: kaaaassss

        Don't think you read the heading. A month ago it was Johnnie's and yes was terrible. This is a new place. Let's not bash a place that isn't the right place. Not fair to the new owners.

        1. re: jhopp217

          It still said Johnnies on the sign but the menu and the decor is the same as it is now. They must have been in transition. I hope it is good and they got in beter chef since I was there. Have you eaten there since it changed names?

          1. re: kaaaassss

            NO. Stopped going to Johnnie's ages ago and just heard it was a new place

            1. re: jhopp217

              If you go, would love to hear your thoughts on the new place.

          2. re: jhopp217

            Same owner - Looks like he finally closed - paper up in the window and hasn't been open in almost 2 weeks. No one ever in there and the food and service were horrible!! He thought changing the name would help.........

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Went to Burger Bar 57 last week. To say we were disappointed is an understatement. I think we were the only customers eating. I would guess about 5 minutes and 5 dollars went into decorating this place. No ambience whatsoever. But I would be ok with that if the food was good; it wasn't.
          I had a turkey burger - without exaggeration the burger was less than 1/4 inch thick sitting on a 4 inch high bun. McDonald's 99cent burgers have more meat.
          My girlfriend had salmon burger - it looked like fried orange slime. Clearly a frozen, processed Costco quality salmon burger.
          The burgers come with fancy skewers of pickles and a big cone of fries - pretentious attempts at getting you to not notice how terrible the burger is.
          It's a shame that the owners didn't seem to put any thought, care, or quality into their food.
          Not worth the trip.

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          1. re: Jumper46

            I wonder what went wrong with Johnnies on Fifth. When they first opened up, food and service was both good.