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*Japanese Gourmet Fair* @ Mitsuwa Marketplace, Edgewater 6/21-6/24

I'm looking forward to trying all the featured specials....especially the Inari Sushi with Red Queen Crabmeat...plus the Cream Puffs and Custard with Waffles. Anyone else planning to give it a try? The special events at Mitsuwa are always interesting.


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  1. I so wish I could go! But family is coming up from VA to vacation, So I'm booked. <sigh>

      1. Marion-Crepe:

        Assorted Fruit, Cream, Ice Cream and Tuna

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          Sea Urchin, Roe, Crab, Squid and Assorted Fish

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            Shiki-Kani-Sno-Crab....Inari Sushi Box

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                Yamacho Hasegawa from Hokkaido, Japan

                Seafood Delicacies

                Scallops, Squid, Octopus, Roe and Seasoned Fish

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                  Kobe Fugetsudo Cream Puffs & Custard and Waffles

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                    Mori-No-Croquette.........Ikameshi Croquette

                    Cream Snow Crab
                    Potato and Butter
                    Cream of Mushroom Cream Salmon

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                      Amo-Chinmi-Age Boten Fish Cake

                      Shrimp and Onion
                      Octopus and Scallion
                      Spicy Cod Roe and Cheese
                      Squid Burdock
                      Tuna Cabbage
                      Salmon Cheese
                      Octopus Scallion Bomb
                      Shrimp Onion Bomb
                      Squid Burdock Bomb

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                        Ebi Su Ya

                        Sweet Pumpkin Cake

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                          Last, but not least........ in the meat case at Mitsuwa Marketplace......

                          Berkshire Pork Rectum Bung....only $4.99/lb.

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                            And only $4.99 a pound. How can we resist?

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                              Especially if it's on sale. I hate having to pay full price for my Rectum Bung.

                              Typically "motsu-niku" as it says on the sign is actually just regular intestines (can also be beef but this one is pork), although in some people's minds I'm sure there is no practical difference.

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                              Great photo album! Thanks for taking us there virtually!


            Fried octopus, fresh soba and seafood ramen are among the regional Japanese specialties to be sampled at Mitsuwa Marketplace's annual Japanese gourmet fair starting Thursday.

            Mitsuwa, at 595 River Road in Edgewater, will welcome esteemed ramen makers Kamome-Shokudo of Yokohama, and Osaka's Takoya Kukuru will be on hand with its famous takoyaki, or octopus fritters. Also on the menu: red queen crab and lotus root-stuffed tofu sushi, and manju, the Japanese sweets made from red bean paste, among dozens of other items, with free samples throughout the store.

            The fair runs through Sunday. For store hours or more information, go to mitsuwa.com or call (201) 941-9113.

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            1. I feel it's only fair to warn people that they shouldn't bother going to this... since I plan on eating EVERYTHING!

              1. I went today. There were long lines at a lot of the stations. The octopus balls had a long line, as did the green tea ice cream. They were selling out of the spongecake with custard/sesame/red bean as fast as they could make them. I had the salmon over rice ($3.80 + tax) It was raw marinated salmon -- very tender and yummy. I recommend it. Tomorrow is the last day.