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Jun 21, 2012 08:00 AM

Birdhouse Opening

Last night, I went to the Birdhouse opening party with two friends. Having been a recent victim of the cheese festival shenanigans, I have been a bit leery about event organization. This party was a breath of fresh air in comparison.
Entry was $10, covering food, with proceeds going to RAINN. Since the event stated appetizers, with a cash bar, we didn't expect much. Over the next 2 1/2 hours, we worked our way through samples of the entire menu as well as complimentary pours of sparkling wine. Every time we thought we were done, a server would bring us another plate. By our count, we tried 14 different dishes, and they were all well conceived and delicious.
Highlights for us were the mushroom terrine, bison shortribs and the honey ice cream. We will certainly be back to try a full meal! Well done, Birdhouse.

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  1. Thank you! We have been awaiting news of an opening.....

    1. Anyone else been to Birdhouse? I'm interested in reports on the food and drink, as well as whether to expect a wait for dinner (weekday or weekend).

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        Heavy Table has a write up. Apparently breakfast stuff was awful, they generally liked the rest of it. Mushroom terrine appeared to be way, way overpriced. Haven't been yet, was looking forward to it (as it's quite vegetarian friendly) until the menu was unveiled.

        1. re: semanticantics

          Thanks. I read the Heavy Table report, which made me a little more ambivalent. I'm still interesting in going but wonder if there's a chance of a wait. Travail and Tilia have made me paranoid about the no-reservation issue in Mpls.

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            Birdhouse is open all day, so that should keep traffic flowing, they aren't mega-crushed for the days only service.

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          I did go for breakfast in the last week. It was good. My husband's quiche was tasty and crustless and came with very fresh greens. The portion was small. My omelet was very good. A friend had the wild rice pancakes. They were good, but dry (I think that is the nature of wild rice pancakes.) They came with plenty of butter and syrup and she could not finish them as she found them very filling. The house made sausage was well received...I am not a sausage fan.

          All in all, it was fine. The place was very quiet, the patio looked pleasant (if it hadn't been 90 degrees outside). Service was efficient. We ate early on a Saturday and were almost alone.

          I would go back, but not sure I would race back. It was pricey (omelete and quiche both about $10) and if you are looking for big piles of food, this is not a good choice.

          I scanned the dinner menu and now cannot remember any of it. So either it did not impress me or I am just losing my memory (both distinct possibilities.) I will look forward to hearing from someone who dined there for dinner.

          1. re: rockyd

            Those who read Stewart Woodman's blog know he rails against gigantic portions, so I'm not at all surprised by the moderate portion size. He and Heidi have a particular vision for this restaurant that they spell out on its website: