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Any local sweet corn yet?

I was hoping to get out and see if any local corn was in yet. I hit Maple Acres in Plymouth Meeting, the farm stand on Germantown Ave just past the Methacton High School and Pete's Produce on route 926 in Chester County.


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  1. I got corn at Maple Acres two days ago.

    1. The Fair Food Farmstand in the RTM said they had corn from someone in Lancaster Co (Can't remember who) and a co-worker said she was able to get it at a stand in NJ, so it is coming in!

      1. Pete's has Jersey corn now. I tried it & it's not as good/fresh-tasting as Pete's local corn. I did hear an employee say their corn would be a week earlier than usual this year, but I didn't hear when that would be.

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          I also bought some of Pete's Jersey corn and I agree with you about it not being as good as their home-grown. They told me they'll have their own corn and tomatoes by July 4.

        2. I don't think you'll be finding any truly "local" corn in your area this early. I'm in Virginia, & even early Virginia corn won't be available until next month. In my immediate area, where "Silver Queen" is king, we won't be seeing any of that until late August/early September.

          Currently though, our supermarkets have been selling bicolor & white corn from Georgia, & it's been FABULOUS. Very sweet with a nice corn flavor.

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            Fair Food Farms at the RTm ONLY sources local food. It is certainly local.

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              What is their definition of local Bigley? Lanacster County? I also wonder if there are species of corn that are ready earlier rather than later.. or if its all a matter of when it was first planted.

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                I believe that with the exception of the Maine Sea Salt, all products are from within 100 miles. http://www.fairfoodphilly.org/our-wor...

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                  And sometimes even farther away than that!

                  Many markets (farmers markets included) consider products from 75 to even 200+ miles away as "local".

                  The truly "local" corn around here is only about 4' high at the moment. I'd be extremely suspect of anyone trying to sell me "Virginia" corn. "Georgia" corn? Yes. (And it's quite good, by the way.) Virginia? No. And since I'm quite a bit further south than PA, I kind of doubt PA corn is hitting the markets now as well.

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                    Fair Food Farmstand is a reputable not-for-profit organization that represents local farmers. They discontinued selling a sour cream they use sell because the STABILIZER was not local. This is not a typical farmstand.

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                      Yes if Fair Food is selling it, it is local. They list the source (the actual farm or processor) of every product they sell. However I don't see any corn on their current product list: http://www.fairfoodphilly.org/2012/06...

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                        They posted it on facebook yesterday

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                      Of course, growing seasons are not solely and entirely determined by latitude so the fact that you can't find corn in VA doesn't say anything conclusive about a market in Philadelphia. That's the beauty of micro-climates (and a reason I'd bet there is corn being harvested in VA as I type)
                      Parts of southern New Jersey are often a couple weeks ahead of parts of PA that are essentially at the same latitude. Some Southern New Jersey farms were harvesting and selling corn last week in Philadelphia. The ocean and Delaware Bay have a huge influence on the climate down there.

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                        You may very well be right; if so I happily stand corrected. :)

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                          South Jersey is a a blessing early in the season when my desire for spring/summer food outpaces the actual season. A few years ago we had farmers from DelMarVa bringing up tomatoes even before the South Jersey farms bring them in now - that may be something to check out further south.

            2. The email from the Food Trust this week said that there is corn at Headhouse on Sundays.

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                I saw that... and for all of you out of town skeptics out there, the Food Trust only allows the growers/producers themselves to sell product--it really is local. And no BS crafts and trinkets either, just food. http://www.foodtrustmarkets.org/farme...

                Of course the corn in question could very well be in short supply and expensive until the season really kicks in.

              2. Maple Acres has both white and bicolor, we've had both and it was good. Still a little small, but tasty.

                Edited to say that I totally missed JDBC's post saying the same thing.

                1. I haven't hard any yet, but Maple Acres corn is usually damn good. The only better corn that I've had was some mirai corn that I picked up at the Headhouse farmer's market. It was $2 an ear and worth every penny. It's really in a class of it's own.

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                    The Maple Acres corn I bought was good, but not near their best, I guess because it's early.

                  2. Renninger's in Royersford is supposed to have bi color starting tomorrow, white corn next week. The signage I recall advertises everything is grown within 30 miles.

                    1. I'd be very skeptical of "local" corn just yet. Was in Va last week and all the way down MD and Va the corn was only 1 foot high at most.

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                        It all depends when they planted it........ there is three foot corn up here in Bucks County.. Farmers will vary planting so they can have corn throughout the summer season.

                        1. I will hit Maple Acres tomorrow and try some of the white and bicolor.

                          1. I bought corn from Kauffman's at the Reading Market today. He said the corn was very early, small, but sweet. And it is from Lancaster County.

                            1. I think our local favorite, the No Name on Smith Road, is gearing up to open shortly. Trucks have been there and they are selling their preseason plants via cash box on the honor system. They had great corn last June, whatever its origin.

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                                I went by the Smith Road stand Saturday morning...no corn...just a few tomatoes, zucchini and herbs. Just got back from Maple Acres and got a half-dozen of their bicolor. Will try it out tonight.

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                                  Well, even though not "local", the bicolor corn we've been getting from our Martins supermarket here in Virginia comes from Georgia, & it's been wonderful - very sweet with a good corn flavor.

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                                    The bicolor from Maple Acres was good...I would give it a 6.5/10. Sweet, but not as much as I have had from the in the past. I agree with the other poster that the later summer corn will be better.

                                    My 86 year old mother howled when I told her corn was $7/dozen. I grew up in central Nebraska and each summer farmer friends of the family would pull into the driveway and unload grain sack after grain sack of sweet corn. She put it up for the winter and I spent hours sitting under the shade of a tree in the front yard husking hundreds of ears of corn.

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                                      Yeah! The local corn, tomatoes and blueberries are in at the Smith Road farm stand off of Germantown Pike above Methacton H.S. There are other local fresh veggies too. Everything looks great.

                                  2. I suppose any corn is "local" to somewhere.but what I think you are really asking is GOOD sweet corn. Not likely yet. The varieties that come this early tend not to be the sweetest or juiciest. You might actually be better off with stuff that was grown somewhere down South.atleast until after the 4th of July.

                                    1. in Bucks County, Misty Meadow farm market on Walters Road in Chalfont had corn on Friday. Kinda scrawny, and that really white variety. it was ok.

                                      1. we purchased 6 ears of bicolor yesterday at Maple Acres, it was terrific.

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                                          Love Maple Acres. The best corn in this area, IMHO. We buy it by the bushel sack for large parties.

                                        2. When I was a kid about 50 years ago there was a saying "Knee high by the fourth of July", regarding corn stalks. Now I know this was a warm winter but did they really start early with planting this year?

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                                            can't speak for all farmers of course... this is the second or third year that Maple Acres has had corn in June. When we asked how they got it so early they said it was a new early variety,

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                                              Early Varieties of Sweet Corn
                                              By Irum Sarfaraz, eHow Contributor
                                              Early Varieties of Sweet Corn thumbnail
                                              A number of sweet corn varieties have an early maturation time.

                                              Sweet corn is a popular summer vegetable, and the new and improved hybrids are sweeter with a better storage capacity than earlier varieties. Besides color and taste, sweet corn is also broadly classified according to the maturation time as early, mid or late season. When choosing cultivars, select those that are well resistant to disease and insects. Corn seed requires a minimal soil temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit for germination. There are a number of early varieties of sweet corn, some of which are ready to harvest in 70 to 77 days. Does this

                                              Read more: Early Varieties of Sweet Corn | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/list_7574521_earl...

                                          2. our favorite little farm stand on the super double secret back way to the shore (look for the midget goat) had corn, tomatoes AND PEACHES!
                                            (Guess who loaded up)

                                            1. Tonight, I had three ears of white from the Famous No Name on Smith Road that were excellent. Blueberries, zucchini and cucumbers were as well. Can't wait for those honeylopes.

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                                                Sounds yummy CP. Where is this place? I usually hit Frankenfiield. http://www.frankenfieldfarmmarket.com/

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                                                  Carbs, You've never been???? Let me introduce you....
                                                  From your 'hood, come over Rt. 363 to Germantown Pike. Right on Gnt. Pike, proceed about 2 miles, go past Methacton H.S.and as you start down the long hill, watch for Smith Road on the left. There is a sign there indicating local corn. Its about 100 yards up on the right.
                                                  I've been going there since moving here 21 years ago - the same year they opened. There is plenty of produce up now but there will be much more - and cultivated flowers - in a week or two. Get a honeylope - a hybrid cantaloupe and honeydew. Excellent.

                                              2. Jack's Farm in the Pottstown area has corn ready. They sell farm shares weekly & are a vendor at Phoenixville Farmer's Market on Saturdays. FYI, I have tasted it, but their produce is excellent overall & all organic.


                                                1. Yay! Pete's Produce now has their own corn. It's super sweet white corn & is wonderful.

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                                                    Thanks for the heads up. I'll be sure to head on over tomorrow.

                                                  2. They were selling Maple Acres sweet corn at the Whole Foods in PLymouth Meeting yesterday.

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                                                      Picked up some corn at Maple Acres on Saturday. The ears were small-sh, and the kernels as well, but boy was it sweet.!