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Jun 21, 2012 06:20 AM

Vegan Food in Portland Maine?

Hi, we will be vacationing in Portland for a whole week starting tomorrow. Will you please suggest bakeries, restaurants and all sorts of places that are vegan friendly? Thanks!!!!

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  1. The Green Elephant on Congress Street has received rave reviews. I have not been there yet, but I doubt you can go wrong there.

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    1. re: nyawira

      I have been there, and can confirm: really excellent food, even for a non-vegan like me!

    2. The Green Elephant is excellent- I would highly recommend it (the Thai Basil Fried Rice is my favorite!). Silly's is also very vegan friendly (and has a ton of great vegan desserts). I love the place, but the atmosphere is a little kooky/kitsch and not for everyone.

      I also highly recommend Local Sprouts for breakfast/lunch, which has a lot of vegan options. Also, I know that the Good Egg (breakfast) & Pepperclub (dinner) usually has some good vegan options, too, it's open for breakfast and dinner only- same location, different name.

      If you like sushi, I'd try Yosaku for lunch or dinner- they have some great vegetable sushi.

      Little Lad's is the other vegetarian/vegan establishment in town(besides The Green Elephant). I have not personally been and have heard mixed reviews- some people love it, some say it's just okay. It is, however, very affordable at $5/person. If you do go there, try their herbal popcorn- it's pretty popular around here.

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        We're actually headed to Portland for a foodie weekend ourselves. Green Elephant is a must. I CRAVE the tofu tikka masala. Also the tempura asparagus salad.

        I also really like Good Egg/Pepper Club. Take home some English muffins.

        Standard Baking Co. on Commercial St. is wonderful.

        Maybe we'll cross paths!

      2. If you have a car and are visiting the Ogunquit area, Frankie and Johnny's in Cape Neddick has fabulous meals for vegans and omnivores. I believe it is just open Wednesday thru Saturday nights and reservations are usually needed.

        1. Thank you very much to all your suggestions. We ended up having dinner twice at the Green Elephant and going to the Standard Baking Co. a few times. In between, we had Whole Foods as our 'go to'.

          The Green Elephant lived up to your high recommendations!

          It was my first time to visit Portland, and was pleasantly surprised with how vegan friendly the city is. I look forward to my next trip!

          Once again, thanks!