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Jun 21, 2012 06:18 AM

DC this weekend! wife and I are setting off to DC for the weekend. We have 2 year told twins and trying to do my research like I once did is nearly impossible. I need restaurant suggestions! We rarely get a way so this is a big deal. Essentially 2 good nights out. Mid-High end. Good places for a few drinks and then a solid meal. The usual…good service, steller food, sort of hip but not over the top trendy. I’m sure there are PLENTY of suggestions on the board I just don’t have the time….any help would be greatly appreciated! All cuisines are game. Oh and we are staying in Dupont Circle.

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  1. I'd start an evening with drinks at The Columbia Room if you can get a reservation. I went last week and absolutely loved it. Two drinks of their mixologist's choosing, a small appetizer (we had scallops), then one drink where you give them parameters (sour, citrus-based, not too boozy, etc.) LOVED the place! If you can't get in there, have a drink at The Passenger itself -TCR is located in the back of The Passenger.

    From there, you can walk down 7th St. to one of the many good restaurants in the Penn Quarter area. My top pick is Rasika for a very inventive take on Indian food. PS7 is also very good and has good cocktails as well. At Rasika, don't miss the palak chaat and at PS7 you must order the tuna sliders! I haven't been to Proof, but it gets lots of positive comments on this board. I like Jaleo for Spanish tapas and Zaytinia for Mediterranean. These last two are Jose Andres places.

    I hope you enjoy your trip!

    1. I would go to Mintwood one of the nights for dinner. Before or after you can head next door to Perry's rooftop for a cocktail (owned by the same folks as excellent roof top, more adult vibe than most places in the area). Both places are a short walk or taxi ride from Dupont. The food at Mintwood is steller....American bistro cuisine cooked by a French chef, so there are a number of French elements as well. The roast chicken is one of the best versions of the dishes I have ever had (seriously!).

      The other night I would go to Rasika. There are 2 locations---one in the West End (near Dupont) and the other in Penn Quarter. Honestly if you can get a reservation at either, just go to that one. The Rasika in Penn Quarter provides some better options for pre-or post-dinner cocktails. I would head to the outdoor patio at Poste or the excellent lounge at PS7.

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        My husband and daughter checked out PS7 Saturday night and were underwhelmed.
        Drinks, apps, and service were great. Dinner was not good at all in fact manager comped their meal. Don't know if it was an off night or because of the recent storm with power outages but husband ordered the paella and said it was terrible and my daughter ordered the duck med rare and it came out well done.
        At any rate our daughter lives in Georgetown and we have always had wonderful meals thanks to "chowhound" so we will forgive this one misstep!

        1. re: Terriwth4

          I only went once, but I found nothing special about PS7, kind of average for DC standards.

      2. Lots of good ideas. If you can't get into Mintwood, Cashion's next door is reliably fantastic. If you're a gin drinker, hit up the New Height's gin joint before dinner, in Woodley Park (not far from where both of those restaurants are). Or for a fun vodka experience, go to Russia House in north Dupont.

        Another wonderful choice would be Birch and Barley if you can get in. Although they're well known for their beer pairings, their cocktails are fantastic too.

        1. I would add Fiola as a really good higher end option- good bar too. Bibiana or Boqueria would be dinner options too.

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