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Jun 21, 2012 02:10 AM

Fish/lamb/game in SF with dietary restrictions?

I've been wading through searches, but I'm getting a little swamped, so I thought I would ask for some chowhounder assistance.

My husband's birthday is next month, and he's asked for either local seafood (but not sushi), lamb or game. He'd be delighted with offal, which might be asking too much. The tricky part is balancing our restrictions.

1) We're both gluten free. It's a serious medical issue for us, but we're not really demanding about it. I don't care about gluten free bread, gluten free pasta, gluten free chocolate cake, whatever. I'd like to be able to explain myself, order a steak and have it not come out with a breaded onion ring on top, or with the remnants of breading after they've plucked off the offending onion ring. Anything else is a bonus.

2) I have a slew of other dietary "I shouldn't eat that's" - None of them are serious, and they can all be left at the side of the plate, but I need to be able to make a meal out of the parts I -can- eat, and a restaurant that's willing to make substitutions or has flexible side options would be a plus. (If it's relevant, no potatoes/beans, and I am limited to very small servings of most fruits/vegetables/fungi.) This has much more "give" than the gluten free. The worst case is that I have an excuse to indulge in dessert.

3) Since gluten free often means no sauce, no seasoning, no whatever (and then I leave even more aside) - we have a strong bias toward high quality ingredients that are well prepared. They seem to stand up better to having elements stripped away.

4) Location - He'll be in the Financial District, and I'll come up on Caltrain. Neither of us will have a car, so it needs to be relatively easy to get to via transit. Technically, anywhere near Caltrain as far south as Palo Alto or Mountain View is probably fair game, but there's a preference for in SF.

I'm not picky about price. I'm not picky about ambiance. Being able to get a glass of wine with dinner would be nice, but isn't required. I just want us to have some delicious food. Help? Please?

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  1. Gluten free is easy enough to do in the Bay Area these days (not as easy as vegetarian - but pretty easy).

    On the other hand, a place where ingredients are easy to pick out is a little harder. Zuni if you call ahead of time may work (not sure how easy it is to get by public transit), I'm trying to think of a Zuni type restaurant by the financial district but I'm blanking.

    1. Have you looked at One Market's menu? They offer a lot of roasted meats, fish too, and a weekly tasting menu that features a multi-course meal based on one animal (check their web site for the animal of the week).

      Epic Roasthouse is another meat-centric place, no lamb or game currently on their menu),more traditional steakhouse.

      Both are located near the end of Market and the Embarcadero so they are easy to get to from the financial district and the train.

      If the menus look good, I would just call them and ask how they handle the gluten free issue. They are both high-end restaurants so they should be aware of the issues and be able to answer your questions. Also, both are nice settings (if a little corporate) for a special dinner.