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Jun 21, 2012 12:06 AM

Paris - near Gare Montparnasse - family friendly recommendations?

Hello folks - we will be staying near Gare Montparnasse for 3 days next week (Tues-Thu), and could use recommendations for places to eat in this neighborhood, probably mainly for the evening meal. I assume we will be using the Pasteur metro stop, fwiw.

Here are our constraints - we have a five year old (generally well-behaved in restaurants), so a place that is friendly to children would be good. Second constraint: two of our party are lactose intolerant, so we'll be needing to talk with waiters on whether various dishes contain milk, cream or cheese. (i have some very rudimentary french language skills in order to do that). Price range, for most of our meals we probably are seeking to keep it to 20-25 Euro per person, but can gladly go over that price point. Our sweet spot of restaurants are often smaller spots with tasty food and a fun, louder vibe (works well with 5 year old).

I did some searches on Montparnasse and Gare Montparnasse in the forums, and see that there are many creperies in the vicinity, I think one of those would be a very fun place to go, so we will be looking for good creperies (hopefully that will work for the lactose intolerant ones).

I know this is not as normal a topic of conversation for food in Paris (I see lots of discussions on Michelin starred restaurants, which i think would be tough to swing with the 5 year old), but Chowhounder's usually have great recommendations across the spectrum, so am hoping you all can help me find some good fun places to go!

Thank you for your consideration!


PS Just realize I probably should have started with searching on Paris Family Friendly as well - will do that as well.

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  1. L'avel is an OK seafood place with a kiddie menu. You can eat cheaply in this transient oriented area, just don't expect too much.


      La coupole would be perfect with a 5 year old. You can keep yourself entertained checking out the artwork dating back to the '20s.

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        Le Templier on the rue de l'Armorique off the boulevard Pasteur. Really really old-fashioned place that used to be the soul of the neighborhood before they bulldozed and re-built most of it. I love the incongruity of this old relic surviving in a small patch of old Paris surrounded by the redeveloped new Paris. Food is not stellar but at 30 € a head not a bad deal. And always lots of families. There's now a younger chef who has added some zip to the cooking. I would not imagine having any difficulty in ordering non-dairy dishes.