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Jun 20, 2012 08:35 PM

Barware shopping

Does anyone know a good source for buying some barware in Tokyo? I'd love to find some of the nice mixing glasses with spouts and maybe some jiggers. Is Kappabashi-dori the place to look, or is this a departo thing?

Also, and this is a long shot, if anyone has seen julep cups out and about I'd love a source for those, too (fully realizing I'll probably just need to grab these when we next go home for a visit.)

Many thanks!

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  1. Almost certainly you should be able to find whatever you need in Kappabashi. Tokyu Hands will probably have some stuff as well.

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      Thanks! As a lover of all kinds of kitchenware and a former pastry chef, I am embarrassed to say I have not yet been to Kappabashi. I've walked by it while searching out a tiny pottery shop, but haven't turned down to explore. This will be my next child-free Tokyo excursion. And thanks for the Tokyu Hands tip. My Japanese language school is in Shibuya just down the hill from what I hear is a great Tokyu Hands shop.

      I know back in the US a lot of the Japanese cocktail making stuff is very popular, so along with getting some stuff for my monthly cocktail parties I'm thinking this may be my new omiyage. Plus it goes with my current favorite omiyage: booze not available in the US.

      Many thanks!